Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Remote Controlled Airplanes

Scene 1:

Walt on semester break while I’m trying to work with him underfoot. He needs attention, and that is clear. In and out of the shop asking me what I’m doing next. I am shuffling my thinking from measurements to wtf can I do with this man for a few hours to get things done around here. He received a new Remote controlled plane for his birthday, and cant wait to try it out. It’s his first, and he requested this from his daughter Julie, who complied happily, even though it was way too expensive a gift at the time.

Walt: Babe? Whatcha doing?
Me: I’m trying to figure out this backing that my customer asked me to do.
Walt: Hey, lets go to the beach and fly my airplane, I’ll pack some birdie muffins and wine for you?
Me: I cant right now babe, hand me that measuring tape please
Walt, Throwing tape across room... Come on.... How long will you be working?
Me: till the cows come home
Walt: cows never come home until you herd them, pretend im herding you k?
Me; Babe come on.. how many cuts do I need in this 7 yards? help me k?
Walt: Gina, ( notice now its GINA) I taught you how to figure this out easily...
Me: I cannot remember, tell me again
Walt, I want to go fly my plane!
Me; Well go FLY IT! ( thinking about a kite, not a plane)
Walt: Head sunk, twirling propellers, says Ok.. I’m going then... I’ll be back in a few hours K?
Me: ok, have a good time, I’ll be able to go out this evening, we can do a fire ok? Love youuuuu
Walt: Cheered up and happy to go play, Okay! I’ll see you in a few then... Love ya bye!
Me: Bye bye babe, have fun! ( omg yippee!!!)

Scene 2: Fifteen minutes pass... I have my backing together and being loaded onto the frame. I hear a car.. I’m thinking who can that be as I wonder through he house to the front door. The door opens and Walt comes through with what I remember to be THE SADDEST of looks on his face that I have EVER seen. Holding a remote controller in his hand, and that is all.

Me: Whats wrong? What happened? Are you alright? did you have an accident? Wheres your plane?
Walt: I only went to the park (end of the block) to practice awhile, and.. and.. I got it up there ( pointing to ceiling)
Me: ok, and? what? what happened? ( I thought the man was mugged and got his plane stolen or something the way he acted)
Walt: Well... (still pointing, but now toward the ocean) I could make it go left, and I could make it go right....(Voice went up a few octaves into a slight shrill) But I couldn’t make it come back!
Me: (imagine air sucked into your lungs so tightly you just gasp from the thought of what WILL be throws of laughter) and fell directly to the floor in belly laughs. I couldnt speak for a very long time. In hindsight, this must have seemed mean to my Walt.. but it was out of my control.
Walt: Are you done? Thats just wrong babe, get up!
Me: I’m so sorry, (still howling) I have to pee, and then call your daughter! ROFLMAO!!!! And I’m blogging this too! I wonder if its still over the Pacific? Roflmaoooooooo

Scene 3:
Just before another blessed holiday. We are sitting reading the Sunday paper. Walt flips through advertisements.

Walt: Hey Babe? Tell the girls to get me this ok? (Handing me the newspaper)
Me: (without even looking, fall directly to the floor in laughter remembering the RC Airplane Day) What? Another RC Airplane????
Walt: I swear thats just wrong... I dont understand you. Get up!
Me: Ok, Lemme see the paper
Walt: When pigs fly.
Me: Or planes? LOLOL

End Scene:
I come home from the store, bags in arms to be greeted by a buzzing flying helicopter made of cardboard, sailing down from the lofted ceiling.

Me: OMG! That’s hysterical! You bought one?
Walt: Yeah, I figured I would buy a cheapy cardboard and practice here in the house with you!
Me: oh thanks, great, my payback eh?
I go off through the house with a helicopter on my tail Buzzz buzz buzzzz................

*footnote unbeknown to Walt, the helicopter is MIA


TeresaL said...

My DH builds and flies gas-powered RC airplanes and helicopters. It is a great hobby because it can make my sewing/quilting hobby costs seem 'normal' hobby costs. LOL DH has never 'lost' a plane, but, in his early days of learning to fly, he's brought a plane back home from the flying field in a 'bag' (not a good thing). ;o)

Poor Walt.....just visualizing your story as you told it. (LOL)

Sharon said...

I can just picture another attack on Pearl Harbor!!! Too funny

Def59 said...

Too Funny G! I just got a great visual of this while reading!

The Sarah Bear said...

Poor Walt! He is forever going to be known as the pilot that couldn't!!!

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Walt, Mike wants to come play with you.
Love u,

jhwolf said...

I always look forward to your blog and usually get a few laughs but today, you outdid yourself. Poor Walt, I can just imagine that face.

There must be something about men and planes. My DH's first plane purchase was a pump type. That lasted one outing with our then 6 year old son. My DH's explanation for the demise of the plane was he's to damn old to be chasing the damn thing all over the pasture while the 6 year old sits on the tail gate of the pickup watching. Unfotunately, I missed the whole scene but will be there for the next adventure.

Judy in MO

Terri said...

OMG...what a great laugh! (Sorry, Walt) I needed that this morning. Now I know what to do with my husband when he's between painting jobs. LOL Terri

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