Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who's YOUR Bra?

Have you peoples seen a breast cancer awareness advertisement yet? It begins with WHO"S YOUR BRA? LOL My first glance sure got a heads up! I decided to ponder who my bra is.

Good Morning!
Now pondering who your bra is can stir many images. The one above is the one I kinda like best. Somebody creative make it for me ok? Now I realize that its breast cancer awareness month, and that is actually who is your support system. But it sure doesnt stop images of T- Birds wearing a black bra on the headlamps to protect it from those bugs eh? Or visions of the well hated Victoria secret Models for the world to ooggle ( how does one spell oogle?) on TV. How about the famed Madonna cones bra? Oh!! How about the cute bra purses walking around the malls a few years ago?? All kinds of images quickly come to mind! Its difficult to concentrate on the real meaning behind the ad! Lets try shall we? I think this conversation requires a coffee night myself, hmmm...changed to blogabout now didn't it? K, lets run with that.
My favorite, favorite all time piecer is a breast cancer survivor. She is so full of life and happy its just astonishing sometimes. She has lost both breasts, and she is STILL the happiest person I know to date. Amazing isnt it? Who is her bra? I think that a large part of her bra system is quilting! Much like my beginning, she too has become piecer extraordinaire! At least 20 quilts per year to me alone, not including her hand quilting. What a woman.... what a soul. I admire here greatly. She inspires me each and every time one of her quilts are on my table. I'm sure she has a wonderful human support system in place, but I know too that a stitch in time has also saved her mind!
My Bra... hmmmm ..
My husband Walt first and foremost. He is strong, flexible, has a wide back, soft to the touch, and very hookable. ( think bra people come on! I saw your faces)
My friends and family.. they are lightweight, always in reach, and oh so see throughable (is this a word?)
My faith... Definitely uplifting, firm, and non separating! LOL ( I crack myself up)
My career... its just so damned expensive and durable! It should last and last!
God bless all of the hard working people trying to rid we women of this horrid disease.. and the women who have gone through it too!
Now, I've had my fun for the morning PC time..I have a cowgirl custom for that wonderful piecer I just told you about....Gots to get to it!
Who's YOUR bra?
PS: I still want that adorable veggie bra up there:) lolol


Dianah said...

I will make you a veggie Bra. Will you wear it? If so what size am I making it in? Not Kidding. I have always wanted to make one. Gimme some time and it will be on it's way.

Anonymous said...

Lol this is great.Hey Dianah, can you wash it in a salad spinner.

Great blog G.
Love u

Carla said...

You can make it out of fiber- similar to my fiber food project. The leaves can be painted batik (remember my romaine lettuce leaves?) You can do it, dear gina!!

BTW, congrats on hitting the 10K mark!

Nancy Hughson said...

You forgot the computer bra, wireless with couple gigs!

Sharon said...

Mine has to be my dear husband. Very supportive but restricting sometimes.

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