Monday, October 29, 2007

Cure for Burnout

Dear Blog readers:

Please excuse my absence of late, due to grandchild sand happenings. PS: Its a great cure for burnout in the shop too. See visual aide below.
Signed, Rejuvenated:) Ahhhhh....
M & M's? Ya see em!

Aviana in her TUTU giving a performance:)

We have some great engineers in the family we didnt know about? Ginger helped too.. after her freezing cold jaunt in the Pacific!Karen and Jake Posing for animal crackers?Stroller races on the surf?

Just slightly in front of Stephanie in the distance you can see a surfer falling off of his board... Which is what she is looking at!
How to bury a baby:)
FUN HUH!! Back to work I go!


Deb said...

What wonderful photos! And I am so envious of your time with them! But in December, It'll be my turn. I'm going home for a week and will see my mother,siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, and best of all Granddaughters!!!! I'm so glad you had your's priceless! And I know you are energized from it.

Carla said...

LOVE seeing your fun day, Gina!! I miss the beach and sand!

Dianah said...

I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you had fun on your time off.

rondakae said...

Good for you, the most inspirational days are those spent doing for ourselves..... Great to see your beautiful smiling face...... Can't wait to run my toes in some of your California sand.....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Pics G, glad your time with them was uplifting, Like the Bra? lol.

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