Monday, October 8, 2007

Mondays ARE Marvelous!

I think its a good idea to step away from the blog if you're feeling funky right? Some may debate this, siting things like "we can help" or Let it all hang out". But I can't do it. I would feel as if I had a poisoned pen. Believe me, it happens, and it is poisonous! So, for me, absence makes the heart grow fonder:) I pondered many possible reasons... being wiped out tired is the one I'm running with! LOL I had quite a week, and drive, and feel rather pressurized still. Thank God for blood pressure meds I say. I cooked the better part of the day away yesterday. (u know my M. O. eh?) yes, I blew up a pot of 10 hard boiled eggs...grunt.( why in the heck do I keep repeating this mistake?) I also made a huge pot of chicken soup to freeze. My Sicilian meatballs and sauce, Chicken salad, Italian sausages and prepped alot of veggies for the week. I tell ya, I would have kept cooking but I sat down to work on the Dresden awhile, and there I stayed for the entire evening.
I woke up this morning refreshed and headed downstairs to immediately attack the impending Epilepsy foundation commissioned memory quilt. Its going to sing! I have spent the last hour going through 152 beautiful faces of children at camp, still living life abundantly while having this dreaded disease. It puts things into perspective real quick for sure! I'll be sure to post pics as we go. So a marvelous Monday it really is! Amazing what some good sleep can do for ya huh? Many thanks for last weeks happenings to me:)
  • For the chance to learn from fellow quilters, and enjoy their company as well.
  • For a hubby who can "hang" without me here.
  • For Gingers warm, devoted,unconditional love. Her eyes tell me that she loves me no matter what I do, look like, feel like. She is just been put on THIS planet to love me. I wish that was true for all that I love.
  • For a safe, reliable, really fun little jeep.
  • For the Dresden plate restoration quilt that keeps me pondering the warmth of yesteryear, and of course, the helping hands needle turning along side me this week. 12 plates down!
  • For children and grandchildren, no matter what goes on in our lives...that are healthy.
  • For this lil pocket Olympus camera I just adore! I can snap anywhere, anytime, and Voila! A Blogabout!

Laurel Burch Fabrics and The kids:)

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Sharon said...

Any day that sounds like that would be an awesome day!

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