Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Montreal In The Fall

I woke up this morning with anxiety. I thought well G, you're just nervous about leaving (as always). I couldnt put my finger on it, but it wasnt the trip to class in LA. By the time I poured my second cuppa, it dawned on me. Every year in the fall, the trip is Montreal! Blima and I share our birthdays, and the fall foliage. This is the best time of y ear for me. The very best. I recall the first time I went to see my dear friend, and she was discussing Vermont.. I said where the heck is Vermont from here? She said a few hours up the road? I yelled to her that I ALWAYS WANTED TO SEE VERMONT IN THE FALL! well.... that set the tone for ALL future trips to Montreal in the fall. It is now customary to take roadtrips each year together, LEAF hunting. We dont tell anyone (til now) that its really outlet hunting!We have made so many wonderful memories in our hunting and gathering trips that I must be missing her too much this morning. It occurred to me that last year, this time, we traded trips for the Las Vegas/Beverly Hills roadtrip celebrating a milestone. SO NOW, it is going to be missing TWO FALLS IN MONTREAL! ( well no wonder I have anxiety) You see if you ponder long enough, you can figure out whats the issue eh? LOL I consoled myself with old pictures of a springtime visit, and decided that Lilacs were nice too. I wonder what New York is like in spring? Maybe I'll dig out the coats and Uggs and go in winter? I will freeze my bottom off, and Blima will make fun of me the entire time I'm there. :::sigh:::Maybe should could grab the red eye and meet me in Los Angeles? Hmmmmm Spago Blim?

This is dinner at CHEERS in Boston one year... the one place I could do without revisiting. The traffic ruffled my feathers too much! lol I never really feel LOST in places, I can usually navigate my way around.. but Boston? Fagetaboutit.


I'm off and running! or driving! OF COURSE I will be laptopping from the hotel! silly question.........pppfffttt




The Sarah Bear said...

You two are so damn cute together! Blima and Gina huh.. I think I shall rename you Geema and Bleena as nobody can really tell where one of you ends and the other begins!


Anonymous said...

LOLOL Heather, I love that.
Gina...OmG your right, its been 2 years, not good pal, the picture u posted of us was at a restaurant, do you remember Salty Dog? lol.

I go alot of reading to do here, do you blog twice a day?
loVE U, B.

Thomas Hodge said...

Hi, Gina - For years, when we're going on a trip, we hardly get out of the driveway before Tom says, "I can hardly wait to get home again!" I used to roll my eyes at him - now I agree!
And I like your comment - "Happiness is a Choice" - AMEN!
Have a good trip.
Heather's Lori in Colorado

barb said...

G Winter can be damn cold in New York. Not sure how this one will turn out...80 degrees here today. Was thinking about Montreal and Niagara last night. Miss everybody.

Lynn Douglass said...

Gina, your blog always gives me food for thought and wonderful pictures. I've always wanted to visit the east coast in the fall. One of these days I'll just do it. Love the toesies and sandles too! I hope you have a wonderful time this weekend!

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