Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A "Farewell Iraq" Video from Our Son Jake

The men and women of the 2668th Transportation company complained of sand in their eyes after receiving this gift from our Soldier son.
Scheduled for his 2nd tour of duty, I wonder what he will do for an encore? I personally don't know how I'll get through another tour.. but I know I will. No word yet on when, stay tuned. If you think I'm "losing it" come help. His job is transporting weaponry and supplies in and out of Kuwait/Iraq. Scary job. That's all I have to say about that.

He is in many shots himself, the really cute tall guy:) (usually in sunglasses) Proud Pappa of that cutie Pie of ours Shawn, in yesterdays post. ENJOY

I'm sure he would rather be fishing here at home:)


Deb said...

Gina, My prayers will be with you , your son and his son...as he heads back into harms way. May the time go quickly and safely and return him home soon all who love him.

Dianah said...

I knew better than to press play. As I still sit here crying, Thank You.

Def59 said...

Big hugs, woman.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

G, do you know when he is leaving?
I thought they were bringing the troops home.
How long is a tour?
I am not happy about this.
Take care Jake, be safe.


Randi said...

Words can't express the feelings of admiration and respect I have for the troops...nor the sadness I feel in my heart that war of any kind is necessary...why can't the world just get along and play nice...? God bless your son and I pray for a hedge of protection around him.

Jackie said...

I knew better than to push the play button. Now I have tears streaming down my face. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless your son for his service to our counrty. I will keep your family in my prayers along with all the other military families.

Mom of a Marine

TeresaL said...

Gina, I watched the video yesterday but just didn't know what to say.... I appreciate your son and all the others in our armed forces. They are brave men and women who have my deepest gratitude.

Please tell your son 'thank you' from me and mine..

Anonymous said...

My heart aches for you, big hugs and may your son and all our troops return home soon and safely.

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