Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chunking On 9.11.

"Character may be manifested in the great moments,
 but it is made in the small ones."
– Phillips Brooks

I'm doing well on the bad habit breaking and getting right to work. I have a fail safe in place. My list has "chunking" on it. Blocks of half hours to do certain things ( un quilting related). I find that if I do them in chunks I dont mind giving up the 15 minutes /half hour... and I really didnt miss it at all. ( more productive). In fact, my :chunks" are getting larger without even trying. I said I only had time to walk 15 minutes, I did half hour... woohoo me:)
 Now if only I could apply this to my time management in the shop! What I do takes more than a chunk. However, I am piecing 5 quilts and I HAD a hard time getting to them, until I started "chunking" with them. :::this is what happens when you work alone, you play with your own mind::::
Note that the chunking business has little to do with todays Quote, except that little moments are proving to be monumental. If only I were in better spirits, look the heck out world eh? I have given myself half hour to tend to my eyes tonight. I have a little condition I dont know that I told you about.. Bleferitus. Well, the stupid things eatting my lashes! When I went to the eye doctor he told me that I COULD buy some LATISSE to repair them, however insurance wont cover this. WOW. Evidently my tears are producing too much oil and clogging my ducts. Does insurance pay for a med to make you stop tear production? DO THEY? So... I will treat them myself with a nice cleaning and EVOO-ing. Half hour. I can chunk it. I cant wait til I get to the stage when I chunk out some time to make some raspberry Biscotti!!! Hell yeh!! ( oh, excited, look out). I'm off to chunk out half hour on the Rudy cage... GEEZ that bird is drty. I already chunked in my pampering! ( days gone by THAT was an entire Thursday! Ahhhhh) And of course, I chunked out time for YOU.
Have a nice Saturday, Chunk some time out for different views. Anda few minutes for 9.11. too.

Forget this day in history? NOPE. September is such a memory month for me. So many birthdays, anniversaries, road trips.... Wow, just think of the log I'll have when I'm 70!

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Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

For our 9/11, we attended a groundblessing and Mass for a new Habitat for Humanity house, that will be built by the university students who are part of "Bear Catholic" at UNC. (St. Peter church helps sponsor them)
I'm thinking that's a pretty good way to remember - and try to pass on LOVE, not war.
Love to you and yours.

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