Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Missed Quilt Group Again

3rd week. grunt. I have so much going on!!!! SEE!!! Im happy with the Geisha Girls, having fun with little Wall Hanging Aztec, and STUMPED by memory quilt slated next. Any cool ideas from my readers??? It has squirrey borders for a name entry, and only the center blocks have memory pics or artwork. Most of the yellow centers are empty. I am pondering a meatloaf dinner as I do the ruler work on lil Aztec. I have yet to tame the mane, and I feel like a lion. I so wanted to blog a minute first. Nearly all of my quilting is being done on a graveyard shift now, due to organized chaos in the waking hours. Its ok till about 2 AM, then things begin to go awry. ( Like when to switch back to the monopoly Aviana helps me by reminding of doodle boards and group appointments.. she is one smart cookie I'll tell you!:::dang it, now I want a cookie!
Anyway, I better get to it... Happy Hump day, make it a good one:)

1 comment:

Thearica said...

Ginah...Do you know where the Geisha fabric came from? That is gorgeous!

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