Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sofa Kids

Good afternoon! The good news is I have a computer back with new drivers loaded! The bad news was that the damn thing went wonky on me a few days ago. I couldnt even put in a new audio CD! :::Women, Food, God::::
NOTE TO JUNE: I havent forgotten u dear.. I'll be mailing of some when I can, Walt cleaned out the office for daughter, and who the heck knows where all the audios went!!
Hey! Anyone read "The Girl Wit h The Dragon Tatoo" yet? First in the series... Let me know.. I have it in que, but not sue if I will like it.
OK, so... Computer back up and I'm still quilting away in here looking for blessings. My neck is killing me. I think it may be the tense down look while quilting. I dont know. I should be only one more day with this one, and then something ( hopefully) for me!I would like to make a few grand quilts as the girls are bugging me to. Also, I am NEAR a stating point on James` Tee shirt quilts. ( dont pass out). Hope you're having a fine hump day!
 Above shot of the day should read,


Vicki W said...

That is a fabulous photo! I have read all three of the "The Girl" series and they are some of my most favorite books ever! There's a lot of violence so if you don't like that then avoid these books.

Stephanie in Michigan said...

I am reading that book right now. I am enjoying it. Everyone I know has loved it and has read all three in the series. I just got a new Kindle for my birthday, so I'm reading it on that. I also heard the movie is's a foreign film with subtitles. I think I heard someone is remaking it for American movies, too.

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