Friday, August 13, 2010

Daring Daughters Do The Deed In The Dark!

Yep, they hit the beach, high tide, dark of night. Body surfed. idiots.
Now this may not seem like a bfd to some, but for Karens lifelong fear of being shark snacks, it was a major milestone. Julie is a pro at it via Walts love of surfy sand, however Karen? No more than ankles since she was 4. I myself refuse to go in due to a jelly fish electrifying shock attack ( not shark attack)  memory when i was aged 16... I just dont think I belong in there at all. I just don't.

I just want to pile THESE up..ya know... for a desk top background and watch the ocean live and let live. I just do.


Anonymous said...

I love the sand dollar picture!!! That is way cool!!!

Thearica said...

I am right there with you Gina! They all can have the ocean. I will never begrudge them one little bitty ounce of all that water...nor the critters who live in there.... :)

Your daughters are beautiful!

The Sarah Bear said...

Those woman are insane. Nothing more, nothing less... simply insane. Their picture is in the DSM. Just sayin', insane.

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