Monday, August 30, 2010

To My Breast Cancer Post Posters

QUESTION: I finally got up the nerve to schedule THE NEEDLE and much to my horror, found that my doctor also ordered MRI of abdomen and lowe extremities.. IS THIS ROUTINE? WTHHHHHH?????
Trying to remain calm, but COME ON!!! I called the doc... of course not available.. so IMMA CALLIN YOU!


The Sarah Bear said...

BREATHE - :) I am glad you have a throrough Doctor - it's all gonna be good and he is making sure of it! I love you - now breathe - in and out in and out - repeat often.

The Sarah Bear said...

Now please, when you have a moment, toss me that same advice. Apparently I am good at giving it, but not doing it for myself.

Gina said...

breathing... short choppy breaths...
Hey, didnt u read the post today?
We teach what we mos need to learn:)

Diana said...

There you go panicking again....have we taught you nothing grasshopper?
One step at a time. A thourough doctor does more tests. period.
This should make you feel better not worse. Please take care of the tests and then you can RELAX.
Luv ya!

Mama Pea said...

Docs like to be extra careful. Make sure the don't miss anything. Be glad they are taking such good care of you and being certain of what's going on. I understand your feelings...I would be nervous, too. Breathe. Can't worry too much till you know what's going on, and worrying won't change it anyway! Keep strong and positive!

Gina said...

K, its Tuesday. MRI set for Thursday, and Biopsy Thursday next. I SAY its too damn long to wait like this! I think I shall stick my nose into fabric and not come up for air.

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