Monday, July 12, 2010

What A Week! M & M's

Quite the emotional ride last was... I am hopefully back on task. Our daughters are going through some tomultous times and we seem to be going right along with them! That, coupled with PPB, I was a wreck! This morning I attacked the list while Walt attacked his tool shed.The yard now looks like a giant tool tag sale in the making, and I look like the mad scientist coastal woman. So.... I put HAIR SALON on my list. While I want to do a Brittiny Spears on myself, I will just go in and be tamed. I hit Walmart and I THOUGHT clear plastic storage tubs were cheap. NOT. I must store the office for awhile to make room for more kids:) But hey... 12 bucks a tub??? Gemme a break... I bought only 4. I bet thats about an hour of my time storing things.  I was thinking maybe 5 each? Whats the deal on that? I love the clear one as opposed to the brown bug calling boxes. I am STILL in search of ONE said box that holds my BEST kitchen utensils, knives, Gingers toy box, and one 6 foot grey bath rug! What the eck happened to it??? I carefully packed it FIRST last September! I miss my knives. Yesterday I re organized the entire storage shed in search of the box. No dice. Where else could it possibly be?? There are NO boxes left unopened! ( notice I didnt say unpacked.) I am a bit pissy about this. I bet Ginger misses her toy box! She is currently using a loaner bucket! I miss my knives. Things that cut. I have issues. They are the good ones.. not stainless stell. a Real chefs tools, for the home cook:) The microplane tools? for shredding, citrusing? peeling? I miss my good things that cut! Ok ok...
I need to move it, the list B long! Have a marvelous Monday! LYG

Marvelous Mondays include:

*the anticipation of family moving here...

* Tylenol PM!
*Nice neighbors who like to play rummy...woohoo Im plotting!
*HoneyBaked Ham Bones ( TY H)
*A lions Mane, I hope it stays til I die
*Bejeweller, what kinda fun is this!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey, just ran across your blog today...and try Home Depot / of them has the storage bins on for $5 ....
and there is always Big Lots, and my favorite...the Dollar Store.
:) Loved your blog.

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