Saturday, July 10, 2010

Valley Pistachio Quilt

Is going home! Somebody go on in there and see her hanging, stop and pick me up a bag of pistachios too k?I wish the Swarvarski Crystals could be seen on her feathers and eye.. but, I'm not Moomp Photography....grunt.
I have a lovely King Giesha Girl embroidery this week... BLACK.. wth thread am I using????????????????I would love to try the monopoly but I dont think I would care for it. I MAY be gliding with black and a headache for a week!
I'm feeling stronger this morning, albeit, still heavily stressed. I will win, no fear. Thank you for your kind emails.
The coffee is good, the shop is warm, I'm on it!

1 comment:

Vicki W said...

Very pretty!

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