Thursday, July 29, 2010

Palm Springs & No Quilt Shops, No Nuffin:)

Because I became a bit ill. I am not certain if it was the heat, the stress, I have no idea but my blood pressure went off the charts and I had to return early before I ever saw my grand girl perform in her pageant :( . I am home now, feeling better, more meds in me, but sad not to see her walk the runway. I am waiting patiently for the results now. Karen and I returned late last night and we are both whipped. I have yet to answer my emails nor return phone calls. Upload photos or quilt! I will get to it.. promise:)
We have had a HOUSEFUL for awhile! Jake & Stephanie and the babies, and of course our daughters and their daughters! And my grandson! WHOA!!! All or nothing eh? Rains it pours? We are still all trying to make it work, and I cannot WAIT til school resumes! Everyone hopefully will then be on a good schedule and I can run a tight ship right? Of course right. Anyway, I will leave you with a few more pics of the happenings round here of late... you name it, we do it.. beach, yard, birds, shop... omgoodness what a ride!

PS: I have the most beautiful grands in the world!

Aunti Stephanie                                                                 Emily sporting her ringlets

Bad , bad bird.. whatcha gona do when they come for you?

Sweet Baby Jamie
Shawn, being Shawn:)
Intercept little brother on I-210 East

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Vicki W said...

If I had a house full of guests I'd have high blood pressure too! I sure hope you are feeling better soon. That Shawn is my kind of kid!

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