Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ya Miss Me Right?

I'm off on a road trip again! Currently braving the heat in northern California ( like an idiot) at my Sissy's house. We had a great time at Sarah Bears Happy Birthday party, and it was wonderful to visit with everyone. Now I am onto CA Stae fair to see the quilt exhibits! In the meantime, I am trying to keep cool in the pool! Lets see... I got over heated, sunburned, and cankles! Dang it! So now I am nursing those cankles with heels above heart watching the Karebear do the dishes.. LOL ( SWEET).  We did manage to brave Costco in this heatwave of 105... wait let me say it again.. ONE HUNDRED FIVER!!! I called Walt to whine a bit and he informed that the heatwave was even at home on the coast, he had to open the windows and turn on the fans because he was enduring 85 degrees????? COME ON!!!! I think I have been acclimated to coastal weather and this is no longer tolerable Maybe I should limit the trips to spring and fall? And NEXT week I am supposed to go to Palm Springs with Jake? WHOA!
We wikk hopefully retun to our regularly scheduled programming by Wednesday. Until then I hope all is well in blogland, thanks for your emails and messages, they mean a lot to me:)
Lovin yer guts in the heatwave!!!


marilyn said...

Good to hear your having fun, well except for
the heat. Enjoy !!!!!

The Sarah Bear said...

It was fun seeing you, having you in my home, and putting you and Walt to work in my kitchen! I miss you. I miss you being so close that AFTER an event I could go to your house, relax, and unwind.

Thanks for making the stop off at my house and quit bragging about having a pool to swim in. :)

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