Friday, April 10, 2009

A Girl Friday Needed

The daughters are coming the daughters are coming! :::not excited am I?::::
Avi, Art & Karen will arrive this evening, and Julie not far behind. THE BEST GUESTS EH! I wish Jake & Steph were coming too!:::grunt::: Jamie would love it here. Sigh. I would put him to work, after I fed him, of course. He would have a ball. Clic
I just finished serving breakfast and half cleaning. I have the longest list you have ever seen to do before the next check ins... THE KIDS!!!
I decided that Im doing very well with everything, tired as I may be, with one exception. OMG I hate cleaning!!! Dishes, floors laundry oh my! So like I didnt see this in my minds eye while making the decision to do it? I need a cleaning lady!!! who wants the creepy job cause I dont!!!
Yep, I need a girl Friday, preferably one who sews
Hey, heres my girl friday.... she loves up the guests, then pulls up a chair and waits for more to arrive.What happened to Foodie Fridays??? Hmmmm
I got some banana Bread, wanna swing by for a cuppa? I know... you're scared I may put you to work huh? I better run...I hear the yard peoples out there... I wonder if they do floors?


Freda said...

Sounds like you are getting the swing of things Gina. Have a wonderful Easter.

marilyn said...


Enjoy your family and the holiday. Maybe one
them will apply for the job of cleaning lady.
Have a Happy Easter !


Carol said...

Hey - I would even help you clean for a good cuppa and a piece of that banana bread. Enjoy your Easter!

Desert Threads said...

I'll trade ya cleaning for a piece of the nanner bread and cuppa!!

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