Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It's a Small World Afterall!!


I met a fellow quilter today who knew me!!! How cool is THAT??? I was sitting in the hair stylists chair telling him about my job at the Inn, and my passion at the Inn, (quilting) and he says to me, oh! Right behind you in my daughters chair is another longarmer. I peeked in the mirror at the woman behind me and she gave a giggle saying, I THINK I KNOW YOU! Yep yep yep.. she knew deargina,,, whoda thunk? An instantly, I felt like I met a friend.:::finally eh:::
Her name is Loris and she drives an A1 here in Cambria. ( sounds so industrial huh?)
Well, I am just tickled and hope we can meet soon for some quilt chat and a cuppa. Know what else? She has a blog!!!! Go visit her, its on the right, Loris.::::::Waving:::::

1 comment:

The Sarah Bear said...

I think you are a celebrity :) I know that I am a fan - that's fo' sho'.

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