Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Phew! M & M's

How many by a show of hands thinks she needs an underwear day?
We enjoyed what little time that we had with Karen Art & Aviana, in between building things, unpacking things, and hunting eggs?Avi told me our house was too big to do
Its just amazing what we got done, really.
Poor Walt didnt fair so well with a trip to the hospital for slicing his forefinger while hurriedly opening boxes. ( watch out for those box cutters people!!) He will be fine, but he did 12 stitches worth of damage and had to have a tetenus shot. READ: painful. Avi, we decided needs piano lessons as she seems so natural at it. ( see pic below) We had a very nice dinner and our in house guests didnt even mind the bog blue bunny in the dining room at all? LOL
I'm so grateful for thier short visit that it was all I could do to keep myself from dragging them back into the house against thier will. Theres not a lot of rest for Karen in the nursing program for 5 more months. I'm so very proud of her. ( btw, came in handy with Walt bleeding all over too)
I am a bit blurry this morning, but on the attack list. Happy Marvelous Monday to all, and chat soon:)
M & M's:
That Walts wound was not worse!!
Karen & Arts help (come back Shane.....)
Aviana , heart food for me
Jakes call
Wine sales!!
Those darn robins eggs malt ball candies... darn it!!!
the found remote control!


Freda said...

Wonderful pix Gina. Aviana is growing like a weed. Sounds like you and yours had a good time except for Walt. Hope he heals fast.

Desert Threads said...

Poor Walt!! Glad it wasn't any worse.
Great pics!

Dianah said...

Hope Walt gets better soon. Glad to hear you are getting settled. Poop had the same dress as Avi, great minds!

Love ya

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