Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Or are you people having a difficult time with American Idol voting? What talent this season huh???I have my fingers on the texter, and really have a tough time deciding!( I have been loyal to Danny, however) Having said that, I am truly amazed at the voices coming out of the Season 8 box!!!
I have been retiring early lately, due to some health issues, so I can sit in bed and whine or yell all that I want to. READ: throw shoes high at TV. What? Purely cheap entertainment, and it keeps me off the streets right? Not sure I like the new Judge Kara, but Im keeping my eye on her. I sure hope I never hear crappy things about Simon, cause he really amuses me.
About the health issues. I'm kind of scared, so I finally made a doctor appt. Sure enough, as suspected, he has me running all over town testing things. GRUNT. This, I tell you, scares me even more.When I have a prognosis, I'll report. I think. Unless I have myself dead and buried, then in that case, refer to Walt.
I am currently trudging through boxes over here. The studio is about...shall we say.... HALF up and running. Walt and I are scratching things to make everything fit. Me thinks we need a Ebayathon for stash fabrics, then start all over again woohoo!Greta Gammil is back on the table in her new home, clean and shined whispering to me:) The pegboards are up, but we cant find even half of the thread boxes! The TV is up, and so is the customer shelving/closets/ oh! and the stencil pole thingy is hung. We cant find room for the ironing board or Rudy. This caused us both to stop scratching, leave the room and empty boxes elsewhere. I really would take pictures, but then YOU may run out of the room screaming! Soon, very soon I will have the machine purring like a kitten while Fergie blasts the room, and somethings in the oven! Soon...very soon. Chat soon dear blog readers:)


Vicki W said...

I think this season is the best ever. Adam is my favorite but I also really like Allison. I think it's a great season. The new judge is OK but Paula still drives me absolutely insane with her pointless comments.

Dianah said...

Glad to hear you are settling in. I am in the process of down sizing my studio. I donated 25 yards of fabric today alone.

Hope you get good test results!


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