Monday, April 20, 2009

Marvelous Mondays in April

I'm still reeling from trying to pack everything from a 3 story house into my quarters in this house. Its difficult at best to know what you can live without for a few years, and what a girl needs to feel like, yep.. I have arrived, and this is home. I took many pictures... pics of my family and friends, the coffeemaker, the cuisinart, greta gammil and a couple beloved signs. I wanted to show you all that I need. And then the lightbulb went off. I just NEED to remember this. My Sis gave me this many many years ago and it goes where I walk daily, as not to ever forget. When my head is about to spin off and all lists seem too long. I am thankful for what I have. Left. ( because I do feel a terrible void) wait, shoot CLIC

Ok, so quite often lately Walt and I are looking at each other with the deer caught in the headlights and at the same time we say the same words. What have we done now???

We remind each other of all of the pros and cons lists that we made. Yep, we did it. I must admit that I dont think we realized the totality of it all. Chief cook and bottle washer. (what an under statement that is) I will leave with a grateful spirit though, and this Credo of mine that hangs all over round here. Oh, and one more shameless pic of needs at the bottom. :::WINK:::

Guard your thoughts; they become words.
Guard your words; they become actions.
Guard your actions; they become habits.
Guard your habits; they become character.
Guard your character; it becomes your destiny.

Yes, its true... my faster than lightning Bunn , and those miraculous ShamWows! I think I should go make more coffee now and get to work! I need a ShamWow blog too...hmmmmmm

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