Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Whats Today? Wednesday?

Not sure, its a big blurr right about now. Walt and I are truly over spent. We take turns whining, with a smile, of course. His thumbs, my hips. His feet, my bwain.
Psst... come mere...... ::::this is a hellofa lotta work!!::::
If not, I would say how fun it is. Right now I'm tired? It will come round, I'm sure. We have met some very interesting people I tell ya. Thats so cool. I just love that part. Walt has his spring vacation coming up so I think we will get a better handle on the "MOVE" next week. My studio needs attention asap as I have customers in there too! I really didnt expect so many guests right out of the gate you know? I hope to have some of our own here for Easter. I sure miss them. I put about a dozen calls on my to do list today. So far, Ma is the only one I have made. She asked me if I disowned her....dang it. I just need to hear their voices. Ok, and I need a nap. I hope all of you are doing well, and maybe missing my posts a little too? I have had no time to hit my own blogs. I think I better put them on a list somewhere to. Happy hump day to ya, I think?

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