Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Dont Do Cupcakes Either!

I actually thought about getting on the cupcake band wagon. For about 5 minutes. I decided that I would much rather sport this T Shirt instead! WHAT is going on? Jeez I would NOT like to be a trend setting young Mom right now, for alot of reasons, cupcakes being ONE of them!
Lets think about this, its kinda like camping. Lets take everything that we do on a daily basis, pack it up into several small spaces, stick it into extreme conditions, and call it fun! NOT. I'm not a baker anyway, give me a good entree, sauce, soup or seafood recipe thanks. This family is quite fortunate to get a bundt cake with white powdered sugar dusted across it. On special occasions, I may even bust out the layer cake pans and thrill someone! But to dig out muffin tins, little paper cups, alot of accessories, rip the kitchen apart, fill the counters for hours.... OH HELLO???? I toyed with the idea of selling little cupcakes on the beach. The ones with sandy tops and little umbrellas on them.... every mothers child on an ATV would pay ME 3 dollars and 25 cents to get one right? Would I really care after having sand up the crack of my butt trying to peddle them anyway? I swear .... I have so many dumbass ideas I feel like John Travolta in the Phenomenon movie. Did I ever tell you how I wanted to be the Soup Nazi on the beach? Oh yeahhhhhhh... Now, THERES an idea! I can do that one..WHO wouldn't want a cuppa ANY of my infamous soups on a windy beach? But, last thought on the thought train is always sand in the crack of your butt rationalization. Besides, I'm so not into kitchen slaving anymore. I quilt therefore I am. I would sooner be slave girl to the studio than the stove these days. I think that stint at the RV park ruined it forever. THANK GOD I don't have to cook 16 turkeys this year!!! I had better finish that cookbook before the feelings are totally gone eh?

So for all of you young Moms on the cupcake trend... more power to you, don't burn yourself out too soon:) As for me, I think I will Google some cupcake fabric searches..... make a quilt tablecloth...LOL Time for work, right after I check last nights Mega Million ticket. I thought I'd blog first cause I wont be able to type once I see that I'm a WIENER!!!!

Have a great Hump day!


325 MILLION NOW!!! RECORD BREAKING :::I cant grasp this concept myself:::

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