Thursday, August 2, 2007

Jackpot Alert!

52 million and my name is on it! I have chit to build! Buy! Do! See! Ya can't win if ya don't play!!!

I have had written plans for this for many years! A dreamer at heart yes, but hey, it can and WILL be mine one day. I just hope I'm young enough to implement said plan eh? grunt.

Lets see... Heres what happens after the trip to Sacramento with winning ticket in hand. I think I shall choose annual payments since I'm so not a good saver. I could use 500K a year to do what I need to do. I'll take a trip to solidify said plans, and stay out of harms way. ( If you've ever seen me with money, you know what I mean) When the shock has worn off, and I'm refreshed and ready to do spending battle, I shall return to my financial advisor and keep him busy for awhile. Secure financial future first......then since my parents have retired, I have to cross that off the list and keep them well lived for the rest of their years. My children, ahhh the children. How cool would it be to say to them "hey, the money will flow as long as you are continuing your educations." I dont care if they become professional students, albeit, rich ones:) Now, Walt and I will argue like crazy over where to build the dream home. He will insist on a cliff's edge beach home, and I will prefer outrunning any Tsunami's.... in a ranch style home 3 miles off shore. (enough to out run one eh?) Complete with animals of every kind, and care takers for them, of course. So, the answer will be... both. We could have a "GodFather" kinda compound where many homes reside within the seemingly endless acreage. You think friends and family would come summer with us in their own home THEN???? Pppffftttt. Have you ever seen Pebble Beach on 17 Mile drive? They have such a wonderful self contained community there on the resort grounds.

Favorite Charities... sigh... I have so many. Will need to spread it around eh? It will really be even more fun than making quilts for them! Hey! I will actually be able to go back to making my OWN quilts!! WOOHOO!!!

Cars, oh wow.... I can really have more than one:)

I really could go on for hours listing the rules..the written plan... but alas, I must get to work. Rest assured, I'll be standing over there daydreaming about it though:) I think it could be a list of 100 like

Wish me luck, and good luck to you too! I'll split it with you!



Sharon said...

YOUR NAME???? EXCUSE ME!!! I'm due sweety..........move over! off all bills!
Then......take care of kids and see to it that the grandchildren will have enough for college they don't have to worry about a cent.
Then.....go to southern Tennesse and set up my business.
My home will be the Ponderosa!
John can sit on his flat little butt and sip sweet tea all long as he doesn't get in my way!

Anonymous said...

Will you build me the kitchen of my dreams for Phase #3 :)

Love u. B.

Doc said...

ManOman...can you imagine if it were to really happen?!? I think I will have to blog about this one myself LOL.

Life would seriously change on a dime and I tell ya I would not be one of those poor people who win something like this and next thing ya know it is all gone. I would not let that happen...but Carmel?...17 Mile Drive? Yeah...I could do that ;)One of my two favorite places in the world.

Sharon said...

Well, my name wasn't on the Mega! Was yours? Hopefully it will be on the Super.

TerriW said...

I hope you DO win, Gina! You would really know how to have fun with it!


Carla said...

Gina, when you win, and you are up near Sacto picking up your winnings... you must visit!! Why I'll even let you treat me to dinner! LOL!

Love your spirit!

kayp said...

i'd start with getting me a maid and cook (two despised chores) and send hubby on a fab hunting trip. while he's gone, i'd upgrade my machine and compose a letter to my customers recommending another quilter for their needs!

DearGina said...

Sharon, ppssst...c'mere... ( I havent checked it yet, still day

Carla, you're one:)
Kay, I second that chore woman!!

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