Saturday, April 14, 2007

Aviana Turns Two!

Happy Birthday sweet Granddaughter of mine:)

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future. We make discoveries about ourselves.

Two years ago, we were expecting our Granddaughter. Not just ANY granddaughter, but my only daughters daughter. For those of you who haven’t experienced this yet, I want to tell you to hold onto your heart, because never in your lifetime will you experience such a love. For those of you who have already gone through this.... Why didn’t you tell me? I need to know stuff!!! I have spent the last 2 years(and expect many more) in such awe of her. Her face tells the story of my heritage, of my life! So much so that for about a year now I have the most eerie feelings of wanting to tell her things she NEEDS to know!
Truly, I could babble on for hours about this, when in reality all that I really need to say is... She looks like her Nonni, and I want to talk to her as if I were talking to myself as a little girl. What to do, say, think, feel, not do,What not to settle for, but I cant, because it simply isn’t reality. All that I CAN do is love her. Be there for her. Advise her and you betcha, indulge her. She needs a Tee shirt that says, if Mommy says no, call Nonni!
At least a month has passed pondering her birthday gift. It has to be meaningful, timeless, and treasured. Last year this pondering process took 3 months. I decided that my daughter never got to travel and I love to travel. So Aviana will travel. So I bought tickets for great America, short family trip. That really didnt work out so well now did it? Back to the thinking board we go. Now, money of course is always a consideration.. or is lack of money is always a consideration? Ok.... How about a hope chest? How about finishing one of 3 quilts hanging for her? I cant decide on the style of chest, and if I quilt these quilts, they wont be with me everyday to say, “THESE are for Aviana”. ( Just bein honest?) Well, one things for sure, I wont buy clothes. They come, they go, Mom buys tons too... not happening.
Ok, moving on... A yorkie. Her Mother will kill me, and have you seen the price tag on Yorkies? A bedroom set... I’m so not a Kennedy eh?
Alright... how about outdoor stuff for her yard? She loves to be out playing while her daddy gardens. So off I go to Costco to check out the pools, patio furniture and toys. Of course, Ross and Marshalls is on the way, I’ll pop in for maybe a doll er somepin. Now ya know the clothes isles call right? Who on earth can resist those pretty little girl clothes? I justified the little mermaid nighties.. they are going to Disneyland and NEED them. I justified the lemon capris... I love lemons!! Shoot, I even justified the Ralph Lauren dress, look at the discount!!! Well, you get the point. 2 stores, and 2 bags later.. I didn’t really buy her any clothes.
By the time I arrived at Costco, I could barely push the monster cart.
(Side note: WTF were they thinking making carts bigger than a little brown round woman like me?)
I saw the pool. Kidney shaped, nice size, good price. Since there’s no lawn in yet, I decided that there might be some cussing going on with all the dirt tracked into the house. Pass. Then I saw it. The most fun looking sailboat sandbox I've ever seen before! How I know Avi would dig this! (literally). It has a storage box on the point for toys, and a canopy above for sun shelter! I love it! Wrap it up! Do you think I could find help to load up this monster box? Nooooooooooo. Oh I forgot, this is the do it your damnself warehouse. I decided that I would come back with Walt this week end. Thats very very dangerous, as he tries to buy the whole store when shopping for Aviana. However, I have no choice.
Is a sandbox timeless? Meaningful? This I pondered on the way home, tired, in need of the sofa, (and wine). Maybe its a good thing I cant go to her birthday today, I’m not ready? So i will spend the week working and trying to decide. I hope she has fun today, even though she wont even know what today is. For me, its a look into the past, and future, and pure pleasure in the present.


Anonymous said...

Your writing is near my heart! Aviana looks just like her Nonni. It is a beautiful connection to the wonder of our world - I know.

Anonymous said...

Gina, Does your family know how incredibly lucky they are to have you?!!!!!!!! I hope they do!!!!!!! You are a treasure!!!
Jan D.

The Sarah Bear said...

Happy Birthday Avi!! You are such a beautiful girl... growing up so incredibly fast!

Gina... You have a treasure in her, and she has a treasure in you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gina, I have goose bumpies!!! She does so look like her Nonni ~ I want to cry ~ I never got to experience the joy of birth and motherhood. Most times I don't dwell on it and I don't miss it, but sometimes, it makes me cry. (Sorry ~ trying not to be sappy here)

I love your writing ~ it is wonderful and I think that Aviana will Love her new sandbox ~ it will be perfect for her! Maybe a pony next year ~ whadayathink????

Anonymous said...

man, stop me from bawling, mom write a book, please.....avi had a great day, she looked beautiful in cherries, and a big red bow in her hair, I kissed her for nonni....karen

Anonymous said...

hey...tell walt to create another collage photo with her current pic......include all her different looks from newborn to 2.....please?

Barb said...

You are so right...a little Gina. Can't believe she is 2

Jan said...

Gina!! Definitely do the hope chest and quilts in the future!! What a treasure!! She is just sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!

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