Monday, April 16, 2007

Menopause- Six Steps to Sanity-Its a start?

Day two and it finally dawns on me that I am simply suffering yet another episode of NOT ENOUGH ESTROGEN! What takes me so long to figure this out each time it occurs? I have aches, I have pains, I'm whining, needy, confused, and walk around trying to figure it all out, when its right here in front of me! I began early you know, so I feel so young most times.. that it doesnt compute. I find myself aimlessly wandering the house pondering my predicament. I personally have been Colombo-ing a cure for three years now! Yep yep yep. I'm going to save all of womankind from this misery! Who else will? Doctors cannot help us! Books you say? PPffftt... lies, all lies.I say.... Give me estrogen? I'll hand over the chefs knife! I battled my doctors for at least a year to do just that. They contend that I was strong enough to go it alone. Patted my naked knee and told me that it was better on the other side. Knee deep in manure I say! I have since squeezed from them the lowest dose possible of HRT and I can tell you that while it has helped to rid a few symptoms, all of the above pictured symtoms still apply. Oh and by the way? Feel free to add about a dozen more. Of course you can sum it all up with the last one, PSYCHO.
So, I am on a mission. Pave the way for the younger than I friends by finding solutions to above symtoms of Menopause. The list is far from complete, but here's what I know for sure ...... Lets begin today!
Step one: (and possibly your best move)............ PHONE A FRIEND! (make it 3, for good measure)
Step two: Write about it! Blog about it! You will find that whats no longer inside you, can no longer pain you quite so much.
Step three: Wine consumption in moderation, because frankly, if you over do it, you will increase above symtoms.
Step four: Furry companions. You can tell them, what you REALLY feel, and thier unconditional love mode kicks in.
Step Five: Menopause does not mean Pause from men! Dont believe it! Guilt free Cabana Boy can save the day! Let him!
Step Six: Give God a break and use an attitude of gratitude instead of shaking your fist in the air like a dork. He did, afterall, have a plan, to bad it wont be revealed until we die!
Yes, they are all tried and true. Lets hope the list is done before you need it!
Can ya tell is menopausal Monday round here???


The Sarah Bear said...

Thank you for sharing your wisdom - althoug, I am sure I will need reminding of these golden rules when I arrive at the front door or Menopausal Hell.

Anonymous said...

Oh Gina, this is just to funny for words, I'm about half way thru this mystery of life, and yup everhting you said is a carbon cpoy of how it is most days. But as they say this will pass, hopefully real soon.

Karen L in MN

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