Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proof of the Parrot destruction finally!

So ya wanna see what happens when Mama isn't home? You guessed it! I knew that little stinker was going on walkabout while we were away! I KNEW IT! I spied lil spots in places that I had never seen SPOTS before? Yet I'm still scrubbing said spots? Most of you know my "need to know" nature, this was no exception. I was bound and determined to find out exactly what Rudy has been up to! One day, i found a lil chip in the blind on the window. Another day, a green spot in the bathroom. Walt about went postal one day when he saw a green spot on our new dining room chair. I whined back at him that Rudy couldn't possibly have done that! I don't allow him to go there! This has been driving me insane I tell ya!
Well, now the truth is out. The jig is up. He has been having the time of his life while we are out of the house! THE LITTLE STINKER!!! Oh yeah... parrot Olympics off my beautiful gold lamps! And God only knows what else he has been into without my knowledge! And what if he ate something and killed himself??? ACK!!!
Hey, all you young Moms out there! Turn the camera on your kids, after of course you adequately prepare yourself for what your are about to find out. I recommend wine, of course. I'm gonna go clean up, hide the evidence, repair Mufasa's chair.. and throw Rudy in the cook pot!

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Anonymous said...

Thats so funny, You really are going to have to watch him when Ginger comes.


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