Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doodle Thoughts

My husband is a genius! Ok, I just needed to yell that. I feel like a goofball in a way, because as much as I love new tech toys, I am enjoying the heck out of a child's toy when I could have put on my big girl panties and bought one of these!

I have been playing with the primitive version since Aviana introduced me to this wonderful toy! I showed it to Walt with great enthusiasms. He was quietly interested. I then paraded my new doodle patterns off to him thinking he would be tickled. He still smiled politely and said that's really cool Babe. But he did in fact have a peculiar look on his face each time I "showed off". Last evening, I doodled an entire page of my original design and took a picture of it. Now I was sooo pleased with myself you see... I saved my drawing so that I can now put it on my desktop to quilt with it! I guess he could no longer stand it and went to the computer rolling his eyes in the back of his head. He hollered at me to come see and choose. I thought he found a cool birthday gift for Karen or something. I looked at the screen and to my surprise was a beautiful laptop with a stylus on board and a dismounting screen! I squealed like a pig and said Bill Gates makes doodle pros too? He laughed and said, " yeh Babe, and I bet we could get a remote control for it too!" Well..... WRAP THAT UP! I had already been wrestling with whether or not to go marching off to my machine quilters conference with my trusty Fisher Price Doodle pro in hand! Forget about getting eyeballed with tragic shoes on,(read crocs) I would be eyeballed for my toy! I had it all figured out you know.... I was going to say if asked, that I was taking it home to my grand daughter but testing it for her here. Uhuh, Did I mention that I was blond til I was six? (no offense oh blond bloggers)
Anyway... I DO feel goofy, but Walt saved the day. I am now shopping for either the recordable pen, or the laptop above.. I would kinda like the pen alone, but really trying to decide. BTW, I won't be giving up my little girls toy anytime soon. Whatever keeps ya young right?


MsLizzF said...

WOW...I'm going to run right over to wal mart and buy me a fisher price doodle pro....what a good way to practice machine quilting. I only use my sewing machine for small projects and need more practice...that is such a cool way to do it and try out new designs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

LOLOL Your having way to much fun with Avi's toys.

Did Mike get back to you about a grown up version?

Hugs, B

Jan said...

LOVE the new site!!!!!!!!! :-) DD & I often arm wrestle over the magnadoodle... and the dry erase.... and the longarm lol... Enjoy! I can't wait to see what you do with the new blog!!

Jan said...

ROTFL!! I just saw the link!! Love it!!!

The Sarah Bear said...

DUDE!!! I bought one for Emma last year... or was it for the twins? Oh heck.. I don't know, but I bought one for someone and I had a hard time relinquishing it! I LOVE THE DOODLEPRO! When I bought I remembered the Christmas shows that all the talky people do (Oprah.... ok, Oprah) and they give out their "Favorite" things.. I thought - this year - EVERYONE, NO MATTER WHAT AGE, WHAT SEX, WHAT WHATEVER.... THEY WERE ALL GETTING A DOODLE PRO!! Anyway, I feel ya.. THEY are the BESTEST! did you see the stamp kits they have?!?! ok.. I gotta go to bed!

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