Saturday, March 31, 2007

THE restoration codes

What could that title mean u ask? Well, let me esplain it ya! The Dresdens.. The night job. You saw how the vintage feedsack pieces looked on the design wall right? Heres a pic of the old and improved ones. Walt and I spent the day doing an ABA-SSS technique on them. Already Been Aged, via Sand Sea Shells!! I only wish I had pics of the process down on the beach, because it was definetly funny to watch. We had several beach goers ask us what the hell we were doing!Even the man who walks his Pig Penelope!! Walt came up with the short version above. I was of course trying to explain the whole restoration process of a much loved old quilt (boring people, I'm sure). Anyway, it was a fun journey, and I hope it worked. You be the judge. They are all rewashed, pressed and ready to go. Now the fun really begins...replacing Grandmas pieces! Oh geez I wonder if she is watching me and laughing her angel wings off? I have decided to reserve one plate and attach it to some original fabric for the owner to make a framed in glass momento of the quilt. IF, of course I can manage to save one whole plate. Another one of Walt's brilliant ideas! (He is a great Guy Friday).

On another note, What I wouldnt give to have something like this from one of my Grandmothers. I will make certain that my grandchildren do! Maybe this is where the drive comes from to restore quilts from someone elses history? I remember doing one last summer, all YO YO's, and being obsessed with them like this piece. I didnt want it to leave after 2 months of non stop yo yo-ing at night. Walt sent me flowers upon its completion. I'll see if I can find that picture too, but for right now, I have a quilt loaded that is screaming at me to finish!!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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Karen said...

i love that quilt on the dining table...and the roses, miss ya...K

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