Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Somebody Stop me!!!

I think I'm getting behind!!! (read baby pics) I will tell you that I did get the last of the dresdens off last evening while watching 24. I tell ya that show makes me a so nervous its a wonder that I don't rip my hands apart while ripping stitches!!So the fun begins on re creating the dresden plates on that quilt. I'll be posting to the prayer parrot on this one! I did get another restoration quilt quilted last night too.. so Its not like I'm alll baby pics...lol By now, you MUST be yawning over the baby pictures right? I sorry?(deal with it) Its addicting!! They are all so wonderful, I could plaster the house with them!! I really need to arrange a sitting with my lil grand daughter for her 2nd birthday.. This photgrapher-friend-loved one- HAS got to quit her day job and pursue this career more actively eh! ( hey! Call her up! Get a sitting of your very own!!! Links on the right!!) I bet her phone rings off the wall after this one.. wow.... Ok, heres a few more, then I PROMISE I'll go to work.

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