Monday, June 21, 2010

Summers On The Beach M & M's

It sure is summer here when you see all the RV-ers lining the beach. I like to think they are all gearing up for July 4th events because THIS turns into 10 times as much!! Jamie loved this.... He had a souped up JEEP Cherokee... with its fair share of sand dents. He was also entirely too adventurous in the risk taking department. Its great family fun with the eception of the bad apples who decide to let their beer lead their brains. Its under a good deal of controversy now. Too many accidents are happening. I am really torn between the family fun and the abuse to the environment. Not to mention the loss of home life to the wildlife. I think they all hang out in Morro Bay for the summer. No matter to dwell on any bad stuff... its good to be home. Its good to take this drive. Its just all good.
 Now we patiently wait for fall so that we have our AREA back again:) I want to get a mule to drive up and down to people watch... (add to the list eh). I LOVE people watching! I am grateful however to have an all wheel drive car again to get down here and just, "be". If I wasnt so attached to the shop this week end I would have been here for a nice fire and a cuppa too! Maybe I'll make it out there tonight. Generally Monday and Tuesdays I can come out and safely manuever around the ATV' I cant wait to see just what July 4th holds for us this year!

It's surely a Monday round here! I woke up grumbling a list as I bumped off walls down the hallway! I did make it to the post office with boxes taller than me! ( I dig that too)  I am always excited to send quilts home and birthday gifts too! I am working on my Auntie's birthday quilt now.. along with 3 or 4 others! lol So I'll see ya when I see ya!

Marvelous Mondays include:

* Beach drives, coffee in hand
*Entertaining the thoughts of family home for Sunday Dinner. ( rack of lamb...hmmmm)
*Good Moisturizer, I spy wrinkles! Ack!
*The new TJ Maxx!!
* Finding the smoking hot Ed Hardy outfit for a baby! LOL WHat kinda fun was that!!
*The ability to ride the waves
*My shop. My shop. My shop. Cause it bears repeating.

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