Friday, May 28, 2010

Of Course She Got New Shoes! Pppffttt......

My new get fit shoes! ( u KNEW that I would find some huh?) I cant bring myself to wear the rocking skecthers omg look here comes her shoes! But I found an alternative! Wanna See?  I like them so much I bought 2! They come with some European warning tag. WARNING! Accessive use of this shoe could cause muscle soreness in glutes. WOW?   I will give you a full "butt report when I return, but for now, I'm loving them! Heres how it all went down....
I had a list of errands for this morning, the last one being my favorite stop in Pismo at THE SHOE TREE for a pair of new CROC flops (black) for the trip. Cause all I have left are lime green with pink soles... hmmmmmm
I walk in and all they have left are the uglo shop CROCS. Not happening.. Remember my accidental outing in the pink CROCS? OMG my cheeks burn as I type. Anyway, I was about to do my 6 year old foot stomp when I saw these. I read all the hype. I asked 2 salesmen and a customer for a popularity report. ( while I was wearing them around the store). I said, "might you have any with some bling on them?" The nice man replied with a chuckle and a NO. I thought to myself, "I'll bet Nordstroms does... hrumph".
Now... to decide on a color. I need black, but not nessesarily with a white stripe. I need brown but not nessesarily with a red stripe. Afterall, I'll need new visors if I do this. Long story short, as you can see, I havent time for decisions so I took both. I ll decide later and maybe a lucky kid will get the other pair. I have had them on an hour or so, and I feel like I'm at the gym! LOL Way to excercise G! ( I know Im fooling myself but it sure feels good, so hush.)
I'm outa here Dear Blog readers! Be safe, be happy,remember our soldiers past and I will too. Love yer guts! G


The Sarah Bear said...

jealous - of shoes this time. :) I like the brown with the bronze - girly gladiator looking. RAAAARRR. :)

be safe.

Anonymous said...

R U going to tell us who makes those shoes so that we might also have a burning butt?? I NEED to have a burning butt!! Pleeeeeze tell us!!


Anonymous said...

i've been wearing these for a month or so. i like them. seems to help my plantarbusiness pain. mine are the bronze.

perhaps you could "bling" up your black ones yourself?!

Anonymous said...

DUH....figured it out!!

Whimsy said...

I have the same two pair! I bought the black ones the weekend I came to visit with H! I love those dang shoes. Enjoy!

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