Tuesday, May 18, 2010

WW2 Tell All Tuesdays

Not as good as last week, but I didn't gain from all the naughty BITES!
Loss: 1 little pound is all. I'll take it.
They tell me that I am not eating enough filling foods. Hmmmm filling foods..... OK, Ill find that list. I think whats helping at all is water. TONS of water. Its annoying me, but helpful for filling me up. The snacking craves wont stop. Its just discipline keeping me under control. Thankfully headaches are less. I hope I see better more, results so that I will continue.:::I know myself quite well::: I do see that its easier alone. With friends, family, grands... VERY difficult. (that's when I took the small , but meaningful cheats) It helps to be accountable, and I don't mean to a weight loss organization. I mean to myself and those around me.
Except Avi... the human eating machine! That girls loves food! ( no clue where she gets THAT from) I am trying to thwart off adult pain for her by giving her lots of good stuff to eat. Come to think of it, I loved all the same foods... Its the quantity verses activity problem. Granted, she doesn't have ANY problems with activity levels NOW.... but maybe she will. Hmmm Nature vs Nurture... always a puzzle.
I'm going to win:)
Aviana enjoyed meeting everyone at the WW meeting. She asked to "meet" the lady in the leopard outfit specifically...lol We didnt stay for the lecture as she had ants in her pantz:) (Avi, not the lady)
This morning Miss Speedy Metabolismn is up at 6:00 and not a whole lotta blogging can go on:) Did I tell you cartoons are dumb nowadays? WTH is Tom N Jerry? Roadrunner? Flinestones? Cartoon Network stinks! Disney is different. Nick is too repetative. I think we will get ready, attack lists, and go quilt with the music blaring. Tomorrow morning will be the test as she will attend my service project meeting! lol Shall I bring playdough, drawing, or an extra sewing machine?
Better go, the native is restless:)


marilyn said...

It's a hard job but you can do it.....a pound is good.
I'm sure that Avi is keeping you busy, where do
they get their energy?

Gina said...

thanks Marilyn, if I had her energy I wouldnt need WW!!

Anonymous said...

I am interested in your WW journey, but a bit more interested in your quilting. Do you make quilts for people or are you a longarmer? How did you get started doing that and what part of California are you in? I am from the bay area (antioch) my family is still in the bay area and I miss it. I have lived in Boston for the past 22 years.

Have a great day

Gina said...

Good day Anonymous:)Thanks for following:) I am longarmer, and yes I also piece quilts for those who ask:)
I am on the central coast of ca. Pismo Beach area. Antioch is a few hours east.my contact info is in the profile on the right if you need me. Thanks again, G

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