Thursday, May 6, 2010

266 Mega Millions Winner!

Congratulations to her!!! Los Angeles, ( Pico Rivera) ONE woman,( and her hubby) middle aged, a working stiff on graveyard shift won!! With only a 10 dollar ticket, that lucky bugger won! I'm thrilled for her! It's MY TURN NEXT!! I almost know how it feels to be her this morning! Wow! :::I know you peoples think I'm nuts... but I'm not :)::::: While its true that money wont buy her happiness, it will make it an EASIER RIDE!! Speaking of rides.....
I rode to Paso and waited for my son Jake to arrive. I got lost twice, stopped for a manicure, lost my Moms cross, found my Moms cross.. enjoyed Chinese dinner with Jake, ( yes I did stay on points with my meal), I wondered around in his condominium truck, and I arrived home safely missing my kids like mad!
First of all, who makes up the way cities are laid out? Paso Robles is stupid!
Secondly... I have been holding onto Moms cross like crazy and was so excited to give it to Jake. Before I left I put it in the safest place I know. :::front pocket deep:::: The problem was, I also put a 20 dollar bill in there which I used for a quickie manicure while waiting for Jake to get unloaded. He called while I was in the chair. I asked the manicurist to stop. I whipped out said 20 and paid her for a whole manicure even though I have bare nails...grunt... and sprinted out the door to go find this truck stop. (NO FREEWAY ON RAMP NORTH!!) Driving who knows where I got all excited again about Moms cross. It dawns on me where it was safely put. I CHECKED, IT WAS GONE! Nearly wrecking my car I spun around on a bridge to go the opposite direction, back to the nail salon. I remmerbed the last thing Walt told me, "drive careful" THIS was not careful. Geez better pray, I thought. So I did.. aloud, A lot! I arrived unwrecked to the salon, ran in looking down all the way to the back. Tears in my eyes and 3 Asian girls all asking me in short choppy sentences "whas wong Maam?" I couldnt speak at all.. I must have looked like a pig snorting through the salon with my eyes darting all along the floor. I flung a few little tub chairs, I moved roll around trays... and just when I thought I would spontaniously combust I spotted a twinkle in the isleway! YES IT WAS THE CROSS! Nowwww I let it go crying and hugging every stranger in the joint.( I think I won the lottery)  No one stepped on it, the diamond was in tact. I felt like a relieved fool. A happy fool. When I finally found Jake and told him the story, I also told him to please never lose this! ( like his Mom). He , of course, remembered Grama's cross and vowed to love it forever. We had a wonderful dinner visit, and I miss being with him more often. He looks great and seems happily road wore.
Now you ask what all of THAT has to do with the lucky bugger who won the 266 Million?
When its MY turn, I will have them all close to me, OFTEN! Too bad all that money wont bring my sweet baby James closer to me too. I would just..... rut ro... CLIC.
Love ya more than my Laptop!! Have a good day.
( not a good pic, but I didt take one like a dope!)


Judy Whitehead said...

Darn Girl!!!!! I was getting ready to jump up and down for joy for ya over the ticket! Aw well, just as well, I planted tomatoes this morning AND I stepped on another piece of glass (both heels in 3 days..need to wear shoes...grunt...)

Glad you find the cross. AND that you made that bridge turn safely! ;>)

Gina said...

Are u okay!!! OUCH!! Put some crocs on Woman!

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