Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Day After Aviana

Its too quiet round here. It feels like a Monday too. Is there such a thing as quiet anxiety? I took the lil firecracker to meet her Auntie. Its a Tag Team way to get her home. At the precise moment her hand was placed into the hand of another, I missed her. I want more than anything for all the kids to be close enough to come home for Sunday dinner. Wreck the house, make me laugh, tell good stories, then go home and know that they are loved.:::sigh::: (and me too)
Its BACK to work for me! I have much to do before the first week in June! Graduations all over, quilts to be done, and trips to be taken! I'll bet you a quarter that Aviana wakes up this morning making a list on her doodle board! She especially loved "working" the list and crossing jobs off quite proud of herself. What a good lil helper:) Too bad she isnt here to clean her room!
:::side note::: Imma throw this bird in the cook pot if he doesnt shut the heck up soon! He is non stop yakking since I opened my eyes! I can't think! Not quiet round here anymore eh???? He is reciting his entire repitoire in a loud manner for the neighbors to hear. I dont think they want a margarita at 7 AM! And if anyone calls animal control on the barking dog in the neighborhood, does Ginger take the heat for her feathered brother? HE NEEDS A BARK COLLAR! Very irritating.
I want to make time for the gym this evening. Just one lil sweaty hour is all I need. Tell me to make it happen K? I need to see more results for all this brain taxing diet work. And btw I dont care what anyone says... a diets a diets a diet!. They can profess lifestyle change all they want to, but when I weigh, measure, count, THINK, track, its a diet, and I'd like a return on the Gina investment. I understand that it didnt all arrive at once so it cant leave that soon, but some go juice motivaters are needed. I can and I will prevail:)
I better get to it peoples... have a great morning!
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Thearica said...

Sounds like you and Avi had another wonderful visit! I so wish I lived closer to my children too but for now, this has to do.

I really need to join the Y again. We had joined but then decided to buy a Bowflex. Had all the greatest intentions in the world about this purchase and it sits!...yes sits upstairs getting dusty! The inner rope-like coil thingy broke after about 2 months of use and we called for repair. Turns out you are on your own!! Wish we had never bought the thing!

So I am thinking about rejoining the Y!

I wanted to let you know I started a weight loss blog! Hope you visit me over there!

Gina said...

I tried to go there, stink link! Repost it!

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