Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smore Kind Of Night

I can tell that summer has arrived when the beach is lined with campfires and the windfull scent of the wood  far overcomes the smell of the sea. Joining us this weekend is Karen and Aviana with friends Becca and Kendall. They have been chanting SMORES for nearly 6 hours. In search of seashells and driftwood the 2 little girls waited patiently for the sticky sweet stuff to be fire roasted. Ever had a sandy smore? It could be a new taste treat! Ewwwww! They enjoyed it so much that they want to go back this morning! We are experiancing June Gloom today so I think they will have to wait a few hours for the sun to wake up. In the meantime Pappa is keeping the sugar high going with donuts and strawberries:) I think today we may try the ATV's for awhile. Aviana will spend the week with Nonni while Nurse Rachett seeks out and finds a new J.O. B. ( dang I said the job word). I have plans to have Avi sewing with me all week! ( stay tuned)

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