Thursday, May 13, 2010


Mornin`! Do ya want to see a very cute picture of my Mama and her Great Grand daughter?To the left, to the left....(are you singing it while reading?) Mom looks pretty good here I think. I sure miss her. It so weird to absentmindedly come through the door, walk toward the phone to call her about something, and realize that I cannot.:::So I go out back and talk to her tree:::: Lets hope I never move eh? We planted a beautiful tree in the valley when Avi was born. I hope it still stands:) I have a weird thing about trees I'm thinking...LOL Forever planting one here or there for some important reason. Maybe its because it breathes life. Maybe wherever I go, there I am? Not sure. It might take another 20 years of therapy. See ya then. I may have this baby grand come for the week tomorrow! I think my daughter needs a break, or a job, or a break. I should begin a list of ways to entertain the AVINATOR! No doubt that we will quilt, shop, eat out, and hit the beach. I better warn Ginger and hide her leads. LOL.............I am still on top of the WW journey. Last night was terribly hard and I don't even know why!During Idol and Glee I had a snack attack beyond belief! I had a dannon light n fit yogurt. It didn't satisfy. I had more water. I pee, therefore I am. I REALLY wanted one of those frosty lemon treats we have been buying , but I ran out!At only 100 calories they take forever to eat, fill me up, and satisfy crunch needs. I'll get the name today while I'm out and re post. I'll be quilting the HUGE Sampler for awhile, so I'm not sure that I will be around. ( who am I kidding) Oh and Ill have to show you that cute quilt I made in group yesterday! Its so birdilicious! I think perfect for wheelchair laps! Make it a great Thursday, and I'll see ya when I see ya!::: Jamie-ism:::
Heres the lil doNUT thats coming! Mercy!


Anonymous said...

G, this is a beautiful picture of your Ma!!
Anxious to know more about the lemon thingy.


Thearica said...

Your mom was a beautiful lady!

And that granddaughter of yours is sweet, sweet, sweet!!!

Please tell us about that lemon thingy...Inquiring minds need to know. :)

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