Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why Do You Journal, Or Do You?

If your lifes worth living, its worth recording.
For me, it promotes growth, and serves to help my memory retention. ( Kinda dicey ya know?). If I think it, say it, write it, I'm more likely to recall it. (word to the wise, u can also bury chit deep by reversing said method)
Did I ever tell you how I kept several years of journals ( hard copy) then I sent them all to the fire when I turned 40 41? Well, what a mistake I will never repeat! I think somebody , somewhere could have benifited from mi vida loca. I heard someone say casually near me that she didnt want to sit and write her memoirs like she does. Hurtful, and untrue. It took me awhile to change the channel on that one. Thank God I was able to. Afterall, if I were to write my own memoirs  plenty of peoples would divorce me.
And now she learns to record food intake too. Sheesh. This must be why I have excellant penmanship! :::said in my best Rainman voice::: Week 3 booklet from WW tells me that All the successful WW-ers journals all food intake, activity reports, and weigh ins. I already know that anything that I do for 21 days becomes a habit, so Imma trying? Its a stinker tracking food, points, weigh this, find that...but at this point (no pun intended) I say whatever works for me. Last night I had myself worked into a snit because I couldnt find the correct points for asparagus risotto! What? WW-ers dont eat risotto?? After a half an hour of Colombo-ing this while listening to Avi's Nonni, Nonni. Nonni. Nonni..and she and Pappa having playdough wars...I tracked em down, wrote em down, and settled into watch Idol. Feeling victorious, I might add. Oh! The points were 4, (3/4 cup). I made a new chicken recipe too... I will post it on foodie friday when I type it up.. I just made my Marsala less fattening, in fact, I only had to count the 4 points for chicken, 1 for EVOO, 1 for veggies!! Woohoo! I am in hopes to get back to the gym sometime this week.
Idol was VERY entertaining last night! I will tell you that each week I vote for Crystal, but last night Lee swooned me and I decided that I dont care which one of those 2 win, they are both weiners:) ( I still texted for Crystal as I am a devoted kinda girl). I would have watched Glee, as I do enjoy it, but Avi's bathtime called. I have her on a pretty good schedule and its a bummer that she is leaving me! She misses her own routine and her Mommy. This morning the suns out and she wants the park. I have quilt group?? I'm sure that she will be such a hit there that we can sneak out early and go to the park Have a good hump day Dear blogreaders:) LYG

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Vicki W said...

I agree, Lee was absolutely fabulous last night. Frankly, Casey should have gone a few weeks ago.

My blog is the only journal I keep. I'm not disciplined enough (or interesting enough to myself) to keep a personal journal!

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