Friday, May 14, 2010

WW Cheats

Thanks for all of your inquiring emails about my lemonady Here ya go!
I made these as large as possible to see the facts. Just the facts maam::chit, dating myself::: So these arent really cheats as you can CLEARLY see right? My choices are within points range woohoo!
 Where the hells my wine????????????
This is my current favorite evening snack. ONE point! mouth puckering citrusy goodness, icy, longlasting crunch! Only problem is. I can find them only at KMART!!!! Awhile back we went in looking for Walts favorite snack, RUNTS, and I picked this up, and of course became addicted.. cause thats what I do....grunt. Since then I have looked in all grocery stores, and nobody carries them but Kmart! What will I do when I eat them all?
*PLEASE note servings per container for your 1 point!!! ( ask me how I know)

This 2 slice sandwich stuffed with tuna(1/2 can) chicken (1/4 can) or salmon(1/2 can), mixed with 1 tsp mayo, some pickles .. top it with lettuce, onion cukes, and tomatoes, full all afternoon for 5 whole points!!

Only 4.99 for 12, and with a coupon off thier calender ( that they give u for free) it makes them almost free all the way around! I love these things. I have always loved 50/50 Bars:)

Now, heres the deal. I will keep sharing my finds if you share yours!
Love isnt love till ya give it away!
LYG, Im back to work


Anonymous said...

You're doing awesome! Inspiring me to get back on my points program. :) Nancy H

Gina said...

Good, I need all the battle buddies that I can find~!

Thearica said...

I am down 8 1/2 pounds so far but have been stuck...You have inspired me to get back to it...I am gonna go to Wake Forest to their Kmart...seeing they are the only people up here who have one...and get me some of that Strawberry lemonade stuff! Sounds delicious! Where do you get the Scwan bars?

If you are looking for more fiber too, try Natures own Double Fiber bread...It isnt packy like most high fiber breads are. It is yummy! and 2 slices gives you 10 grams of fiber! 1/3rd of your daily need all in one sitting! Add 1/2 cup of raspberries for dessert and you are halfway there!

Gina said...
they deliver! Woohoo!

Congrats on 8.5!! I want that too!
I'll look for the bread, ty!

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