Monday, May 24, 2010

M & M's Machine Love

"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

– St. Francis of Assisi
Yep, it's a Monday again and I am faced with A busy week, and a huge list of week end UNDONES. I spent the entire week end in the shop and I gotta tell ya... if ever a human could love a machine, I am blissfully happy with my Gammil! That baby hummed all week end non stop, no issues! (while this might seem trivial to others its a red letter day here!) I have a quilt on that should have sent my timing into shock, broke threads and bent needles. IT DID NOT! She is running through the high french knots like butter!! BUTTA I SAY! Due to heavy machine embroidery, the design feels nearly plastic. I was very apprehensive about doing anything accept swirling around them but I knew it would leave huge sags in the quilting. So with a slight trembling, I wondered over to it and voila! She danced right through it all! AMAZING.
Today I must continue until shes done. I must also do everything I didnt do over the weekend! I am so behind! I have now 2 service project quilts to be done by Wednesday? Oh boy, I dont know...........
One little lottery win and I could have a new babys sister Gammil computerized! TWO machines humming!:::SIGH::: I love the service project quilts as they are small and fun. Be it wheel chair or neo natal dept. for the Preemies, I just have a great time making them! The next one will be quite large for an adult at the Womens Shelter ( SLO). The one pictured here is a wheelchair patient, perfect lap quilt for petting these pretty birds!
OK, we did manage to take a few hours off last evening to play with traveling cousins! Had a great dinner at Jocko's(a fav oak pit bbq steakhouse) and a beach fire chat. I love that. I especially liked that because of the incredibly high tide we had to build ( sit) up high near the washrooms!!!! LOVE that! Just hysterical watching all of the cars coming onto the beach and upon seeing the tide, back the cars up! I myself had never seen the water so high on the beach. I know what you're thinking.... did she blow out her points at that BBQ? Well, yep. I sure as hell did. Not proud of it either. I have no idea why I was so weakened. I had spare ribs, baked potato, and a piece of garlic bread!! But...but... I didnt have the wine??? In hindsight, I wish I would have had the wine and not the spud. Grunt. Tonight is weigh in.. Be afraid, be very afraid G.
I'm off to work, have a Marvelous Monday, I 'll chat ya soon:)
M& M's include
*My Gammil!!!!
* Nice visits with family
*Jockos. , (sorry, its really THAT good)
*Walts help so I can quilt guilt free
*Picutres of the grands to keep me going
*Beach fires
*6 days staying on plan so I dont shoot myself on the 7th!


The Sarah Bear said...

Sounds like you and the gammil were a match made in heaven (THIS weekend). Kinda like the camera and I. She is my bestest friend somedays and other days I am ready to give her to the next passerby!

Congratulations on the productivity! I can relate. You have seen my yard, you know what a mow means! :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The quit looks good she should be happy with it. Your a better woman than me!! I've weigh in is tomorrow morning for me. I've had to be good all week to get the lbs off and I still need 2 more to get off. No wine for me. :(

Anonymous said...

We went out to dinner with Trevor and Kim on Saturday night in Seattle and I ordered ribs also---at Claim Jumper. I bet I haven't eaten those in 10 years. They were so good. I ate half and the kids took the other half home. Had a baked sweet potato too. Bad thing was it had butter and brown sugar on it. I'm still down 5 lbs. Didn't gain any over the weekend. Suzanne

Thearica said...

I weighed yesterday morning and was down 3 1/4 pound since the 20th! 11 pounds since March 1.

Good luck on your weigh-in! Hope you're smiling after!!

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