Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Karen & My Favorite Lipstick

Happy Birthday Dear Daughter! You may never get older than 30, agreed? K. I can rest easy now. I decided to tell a story for ya, just to give you a tickle. Hope you enjoy, wish I could be with you today:) I'll be loving you from over here.

I first heard that Beyonce uses this lucious translucent concoction. Mostly nude, red pigment, adapts to your own color of lips. PPpfffttt.... I had to see it to believe it. I searched only to find availability Sax 5th Ave, Barneys of NY... and the like.
I said to myself...."self, u have the internet, find the maker!". Her name is Poppy, and I found her. (::sigh::I love it when that happens).
To my surprise this stuff really works! I want more of it! I used it daily, I kept it in my pocket! And then I lost it. SAD, Sad, Sad. I coulnt justify RE-spending the money for it, afterall, i need MAG EYES for frogging,right? Life went on, without my covetted Mideval Queen.
On our recent trip to Las Vegas for some much needed time with our friends Blima & Mike, we walked everywhere just to see what there was to see. Remember, Las Vegas, city of Walkalot. We were about to walk right PAST Barneys of NY! I had to yell at our crowd, "Stop! Wait! It's an emergency! I NEED to see if they have my Lipstick Queen!" I get a nod from Mikey, a smile from Blima, and THE LOOK from Walt. Now we are just a few short minutes away from our scheduled show time, Jersey Boyz I think it was. I sprinted into the store, I got right up to a cashier and exclaimed once again, " I have an emergency! Do you carry Medevil Lipstick Queen?"!!!! The pair of Barbies, one light , one dark looked at me like I was a tourist freak. I told my story, REALLY QUICK. I very much impressed them with the whole Beyonce thing.One got on the phone calling downstairs to ask the skin care counter. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Walt was picking up price tags and he was a tad bit flushed. Blima on the other hand, was looking upwards around the building in search of ( I'm sure) a dressing room. Mike, much like Carlton the doorman was grinning from ear to ear watching all of this unfold.
Barbie #1 smiled as she told me that they did indeed carry my designer liptick ( her words) downstairs. Now I wanted to ask what good it would do me down there, but I decided to be sweet and BEG her to have someone bring it to me. She obligued. Upon the Managers arrival I thanked him as I ripped the package open and slathered it on my walkabout parched lips. They were all amazed at how it transformed them! I sold 2 more for them, to themselves! I would have gotten one for Blim, but I know she doesnt wear red. I again thanked them all and gathered my peoples to leave. ( all of this actually resembled a 24 episode in speed). I took Walts hand while he was still STUCK on the 17 hundred dollar blouse. We made it to the show and my lips were quite happy for the rest of our trip.
Fast forward two days at Avianas birthday party. What was in my pocket? Yep. I told Karen this story. She stopped me halfway through and was laughing hysterically while whipping out the same tube from her pocket! When she composed herself she said, "Mom, you didnt lose your lipstick, you GAVE it to me the night we met in SF and you got snockered!"
Well.... color me RED ALL OVER WOULD YA?


Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to comment! Thanks for the BD wish Mom..and let me just clear the air...Today Im 36! Yes peoples...Dear G has a 36 year old kid! I love being 36! Mom, the pic you put of me is just awful. That was so 60 lbs ago! Ive given you pics from yesterday! And the lipstick story is great. Having said that, mine(yours) is down to the bare minimum. I am resorting to sticking a toothpick in the tube and scraping the rim! Request more!!! I totally cant go to Vegas for it!

Turtles In North Dakota said...

Wow I NEED this lipstick! Now I have to find it.Lol.I have to tell you I did almost the same thing with my diamond earrings. I had always wanted a pair of studs but we were always to broke. ABout 3 years after I asked for them DH surprises me with them. I prompty put them in and never took them out except to clean...About 4 years later Dh surprises me with Lasik eye surgery. They give you some really strong meds for that you know.I dont remember anything after the surgery. I only remember waking up and my earrings are gone. I CANNOT find them anywhere. I am so distraught that I buy myself another pair.6 months down the road I open a bottle of viatimins I thought I had lost and out falls my earrings! I still dont know how or why they got into their and no one else seems to know either.Ü

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