Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day M & M's

We cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf!
This was my Mantra allll weekend! I wanted so much to be with friends and family that I thought maybe I might not pull through! Where would I go? Heaven? Auburn? Kansas? Stockton? So I went to a new Church, and it was awesome. Then the beach where looking out into the sea, I only see forever. Then to our favorite Mexican Seafood restaurant, and I blew my WW diet on day 6. THAT is one place I really shouldnt go. I love flour chips!!!We did however walk it off downtown and looked through all of the shops. Geez I love this town. How could I ever entertain the thought of leaving?
I think I talked Walts ear off. By nightfall he was just smiling and nodding. Unlike talking Moms ear off via her cherry tree, as she pretty much told me to suck it up and help my sis. She has always said that. Grunt.
All in all, I made it. WE made it. There was never a doubt, but damn those waves.
Monday , of coures brings a longer list now. I panicked around 6 AM, but I'm ok ( short lived) I weigh in this evening, and thanks to yesterday, I'm a nervous Nellie. ( film at 11:00).
I am in hopes that all you Moms enjoyed your special day and are now celebrating a Marvelous Monday!

*For these beautiful roses to enjoy all week! ( thanks steak n jeff)
* for making it through, fractured and all
*For Walts ear
* For a beautiful place to live
*for finishing that monster double wedding ring and the customer crying on it!
* For those yummy ww pretzels with rosemary n olive oil!
*For the ability to ride the waves

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