Thursday, May 27, 2010

American Idol Results-Disney Deadline

The first thing I will say is congratulations to Lee, I enjoy you, and for petes sake DO NOT release "Beautiful Day". 
Secondly, I am so disappointed to have broken my own rule and getting on Facebook before I got to see Idol show Pacific time. As suspected, East coasters posted the win and blew it for us. You would think they would be a tad bit more considerate.
Thirdly, What a great great show! It sure is difficult to watch my generations stars growing old-er. But I sure enjoyed them.
Lastly, Crystal... I have high hopes for you girl... You got all of my votes from day one...dreads and all. ( I still wonder if they stink).
I have but one day left to prepare  for a quick trip to Disneyland with Sis and thr kids:) We are off to celebrate Matts HS graduation together before the big day! ( beat the senior grad nights eh?). I am excited to ride Soaring California again and again. I love to imagine myself seeing our state through the eyes of a bird. I'll be chatting with you again on Marvelous Monday, so until then enjoy your Memorial week end!


Vicki W said...

I really enjoyed the show last night. I have become a big Bret Michaels fan after watching him on Celebrity Apprentice and I was excited to see him there. I think both Lee and Crystal will have great careers but Crystal is less mainstream and, frankly, got a little full of herself in the last 2 shows. Lee is more the typical pop music star so my guess is that he will be the more commercially successful. They should have left Paula Abdul out of it. She was an idiot. Everything else was really well done, IMHO. I can't imagine what a thrill it was for the contestants to get to sing with music royalty. I think if someone had told me I was going to sing on stage with the BeeGees I would probably have peed myself.

Barbara said...

"It sure is difficult to watch my generations stars growing old-er. But I sure enjoyed them." Yes, this was hard to see and they sure couldn't hold notes like they used to or hit the high ones, but not all horribly bad. They had a nice mix of stars which I liked.
I wouldn't even look at Facebook or any other pages until I finished watching the show just so I couldn't see the winner ahead of time. Have fun at Disneyland.

Gina said...

Good points all:)

The Sarah Bear said...

I am SOOOOOOOO jealous. Not of Lee, Not of Crystal, definitely not of the dreads.... BUT DISNEYLAND! I swear, if Sarah doesn't see Ariel soon, she and I will just faint.

Dear Lottery - Please!! While Dave Ramsey is great, you would be so much faster, please provide me a win. Love Heather

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