Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Binding Clips

Finally I am binding the 104 inch square beast! But thats not what I wanted to discuss. A few words about binding clips in case you just wanted to know. In this photo you can see 3 different types of hair binding clips. To think I used straight pins in yesteryear! Ppfftt.... The open ended are the easiest and fastest way to use. I remember curling my gramas hair with these and bobbie pins! If you are just chillin in your chair this is my clip of choice. IF, on the other hand you are taking your treasure with you and binding in various places, the snap closed clips work even better. The largest of the two being the best, but most costly. Also, when you are intensely into your work and your hair is making you mental all you have to do is snap a few on your bangs and VOILA! you can think again!
I always press the binding open from the front to ease the fold over to the back. With steam, my binding fabric relaxes and does whatever I need it to. Slip on a dozen or so clips and stitch with a tunnel stich all the way up. My Mother taught me the stitch and would always "scold" if I slipped out of my tunnel. ( If she saw anything more than a pin dot stitch she made me do it over). A few years ago I was turned on to a new binding/applique thread by Ronda and it is now my staple. DMC machine Embroidery, #50 in color to match. I no longer need a thread wax to keep from twisting or fraying! ( TY Woman).
Normally I love to bind quilts. Relaxing TV time for me. Not so with this quilt. Too much frogging me thinks.
I have a date with my son Jake today in Paso, so I need to move along this list quickly. I did well on my new WW plan yesterday, however I WAS hungry for snacking. I REALLY want to get back to the gym! I shall leave you with one more picture of Ginny's bath last night! She loves her baths! ( Mufasa thinks she's his baby).


Vicki W said...

My friend uses those clips too. She left one at my house and I use it when my bangs got too long! I guess I should buy more of them and try them on my bindings.

Gina said...

Try it:) It helps to go faster! And of course, it always helps with the bangs!

Sequana said...

It took me many bindings held with pins sticking in my fingers til I finally discovered the clips. I have two kinds - one fat and one skinny. The skinny ones clip down tighter, so I use those next to seams and corners.

I've been using hand quilting thread for binding, and it works really well.

Anonymous said...

TeeeHeee, I have been using them for years and the DMC thread, Oh yeah Baby, love it..... Wish you were coming to Kansas, gonna miss you..... Enjoy your time with Jake.

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