Friday, August 15, 2008

Whats on YOUR desktop?

I must admit that I have quite a few to choose from lately thanks be to talented photographers:)
This one is such a capture of how well a 3 year old can stay inside the lines coloring? Orrrrrrr is it her beautiful eyelashes and how the sun catches the light in her goldenbrown hair? Any way ya slice it I adore this desktop background today. Stay tuned for a few more favorites Im SURE comin!
Vicki: a little longer as Master Walt is hard at work on his master thesis (longarmed quilting) and simply rolls his eyes at the very mention of my shenanigans.
::but I'm on it:::
I think that I may need a photo shoot of Rudy and Ginger..what you think girls??? heyyyy our new little Jamieeeeeeeeeeeeee

<---is not spoiled, just loved.
:::kinda like her Nonni:::


Suzannes hosting par-taay, I think I should go and bring vodka for that luscious lemonade of hers!:::SPIKE::: ( ssshhh) Wanna join me? I hear there are presents involved........


Anonymous said...

Not only is this cutie-pie coloring inside the lines - she does not appear to be sitting down...she's able to do that whilst doing a balancing act! Very talented indeed.

It really isn't fair that you and Vicki are up to shenanigans and us Blog-folk are left out in the thinks that just not fair (see me stomping my foot?)

Personally, I like Jack Daniels in my lemonade or limeade - YUMMY!

Is Ronda coming over this weekend or next weekend???

Karen A.

Deb said...

What a precious angel! Wish I could color inside the lines...well, maybe not. LOL

Desert Threads said...

That baby is getting prettier every time I see her!
Hey, if you are driving, I'm going!

Smiles! Becca said...

ooooh she is a cutie! And very talented!

As far as the party goes I am on my way! Especially if Vodka is involved.Ü

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