Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Marvelous Monday Starts With Aviana

THATS why I'm late? I drove to meet the FAM and pick up the Avinater for a few weeks. ( wish me luck) Shes my lil pistol you know? She woke up before me this morning so she got Pappa ready for work...lol And he even ran out to get her strawberry AND chocolate milk. While snuggling with her milk, sticker book and cartoons she announced that her hair was irritating her.( her hair was irritating her????) So sleep eyed nonni had to deal with hair ties and hot coffee....I have much to get used to eh? Send 3 yr old tips, cause I forgot...LOL

<----This is her idea of high fashion travel! !!!

*Grand daughters

*Good Friends


*camera flip phones

*Nestle Quik Strawberry Milk!


Vicki W said...

VERY fashionable! 3 weeks with a 3 year old? Are you insane?

Freda said...

What a wonderful time all of you will have. Sorry I can't offer any tips, I'm so old I have forgot.

Smiles! Becca said...

Lol Love the pic! My tip for you.Lots of naps. She peobably wont sleep but you will!

DearGina said...


Suzanne Earley said...

i had the same question vicki, did.

good luck. you are going to need it.

i have blocked out three.

my nephew is almost 3. we thought three was a lot harder than the terrible twos ever were.

My mom has dubbed it the Thundering Threes.

Anonymous said...

Awww, enjoy her, she loves you, and naps are mandatory ya know... I loved my grandgirls at that age, everything is new and fun, attention spans are short, go up to the golf course and let her ride, walk with Ginger enjoy these times, insanity comes later.. Love ya Ronda

Anonymous said...

Gina, you are in for a wonderful (and tiring) time---but you already knew that.

She is lovely and sounds like she is going to be delightful company for the next 3 weeks. She'll keep you on your toes. ;)

DearGina said...

3??? did I say 3 weeks? I think 2, ok, 1.... I made it thru day 2... geez I am tired!

Jan Thompson said...

You will make wonderful memories - but you WILL be exhausted. They grow up so fast - enjoy!

Lynn Douglass said...

I love the high fashion! LOL! Have a great time!

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