Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Emotional Ride (WORDY,get a whole pot)

Minus 24 hours until Ronda and Jim arrived, I was frantically cleaning the house, picking up fresh flowers, putting the last few touches on the "lipstick on a pig" washroom, when there came a knock at the door. It was the UPS man with a box in the shape of a quilt. ( much like the ones I send out) Now at first I thought, I KNOW Ronda didnt send the quilt ahead of her, but could it be? I looked at the return address to find that it was from my Sensi` Jane Sandercock in Niagara On The Lake. What could this be? Upon opening the box I found a beautiful thimbleberry type memory quilt of all of my family members. I lost it for the rest of the night. All good mind you, but lost it just the same. What a beautiful thoughtful friend is Jane, and I am so very touched, grateful, happy, shocked, you name it, I'm it. I tried to call her and could not find her number I was such a blubberbutt. I yahoo'd with her and only became worse? What an amazing act of friendship and kindness for ::::::ME??:::::: I love you Jane. ( still a bit wobbly)

Then, another knock on the door. USPS man, with a box shaped like a quilt. I cant open it. It might put me over the edge. Jane convinced me to stop sniffling and open it. It is a lovely artful print with a sentiment very befitting of my unusual dreams of late, from my secret quilter Karen Anderson. I am so moved at the thoughtful attention spent to gift me with such a treasure. Yep yep yep, lost it again and even more..............I think sometime around 2 am I drifted to sleep wrapped in my families arms. When I waked up and the rush was on for the arrival of our company, I was once again in control. ( phew) I spent the better part of my day cooking and texting with Ronda in route. We laughed and joked and I teased them with pictures of the dishes I had been preparing. I was truly having such a good time and in such good spirits, (read control) that I wasn't really prepared for their arrival at all! On the deck, wine in hand I saw them turning in the drive and hanging out the window. What a thrill! We hugged and the transferring of energy was electrifying at that very moment. There is a bond there that has never been and could never be with another. A most unusual feeling indeed, and while I don't wish it on anyone else, I'm glad that it was shared. I'm glad to own it.
Flash forward to yet another package...the size of a quilt. A beautiful , BEAUTIFUL comfort quilt for ::::ME?::::: Oh, I remember those feelings, here they come again.....
Morning coffee wrapped in love

To my dearest Ronda and each and every one of my friends and colleagues, and to Jim for bringing Ronda to me, I struggle to find the right words that could possible convey what I feel. I cannot. I am forever grateful for your kindness, and I wish each of you many many happy returns of kindness. I slept again that night, wrapped in the quilts of love. Thank you so much for such a precious gift, a comfort indeed.
Never more true than right this very minute, the sentiment about tears on the top right of this page.
Now that I am "with myself" again I will tell you that Ronda, Jim, Walt and I had a wonderful weekend beach hopping and quilt shop shopping, oh yes and eating...or was that wine tasting? Not sure...:::wink::: We have decided that Jim needs to make Ronda a new studio, and Gina needs to spend more time in hers. Walt decided that he needs a fishing trip with Jim, and Jim decided that he drove a LONG freaking way and had a great time anyway! Ginger decided that they dont call em Jack Russel TERRIERS for nothin! Sophie decided that furry ears a great source of entertainment!
Rudy decided that he would spend the week end telling everyone that "IT'S OKAY". And that's all he had to say.
We have collectively decided that a weekend is much too short a time to visit, and next trip is Walt's to drive:)
They are on their way home now, with a long haul ahead of them. I am a lucky woman sometimes huh?


Freda said...

Your quilts are gorgeous Gina and they fit you. I'm glad you had a wonderful visit with Ronda. It sure is good to see you smile.

Vicki W said...

Emotional, but good! You are loved.

Desert Threads said...

You are truly loved my friend.

Smiles! Becca said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful person!

Anonymous said...

Did you have a little cheese with that wine?

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what smiles! becca said!

Karen A.

The Sarah Bear said...

great - now I am crying.

I love you - and am so glad that you have Ronda and Ronda has you!

Love you sis,

Esther said...

Wrapped in love how beautiful!
True friends are like angels,you don't have to see them to know they are there...
love esther

Anonymous said...

Gina, it is horrible that you and Ronda have had such heartbreaking and devastating losses this year, but it is a blessing that you've had each other's friendship as part of your support system.
The quilts look beautiful. TeresaL

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much, our visit was much too short but so full..... And I know that all the wine was good we tested it to the very bottom, can't have bad wine and we didn't allow it to go bad (lol), great friends, great food (you are Jim's new love you cooked for him as is Walt. Sophie is bored and misses Gingers soft furry ears, I miss the laughter and hugs and inner voices we share together..... Love to you my dear friend, thank you for a grand weekend which was indeed too short... What was with my hair, better up then oh my gawd did she just wake up.... Love you MORE... Ronda

Anonymous said...

Jane is winking at Gina.....xoxooxox

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