Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Favorite Rocks

PEARL: Purity, innocence and honor, teardrop of the moon.

DIAMOND: Indestructible, unconquerable

OPAL: Precious

RUBY: Passion, Power

MOONSTONE: Spiritual healing, balance

What woman doesn't love shiny gems? I am absolutely fascinated with pearls, their origins, and growth. They bring me comfort, as well as pleasure. A feeling of home. Security, and above all femininity.
I am curious to say the least to know more of diamonds origins. Ever see Romancing the Stone with Michael Douglas? Diamonds are exciting and sexy. I have a marquis to elongate my little fingers. I enjoy looking deep inside its shape to define the colors.

A reflection of self in color would be my birthstone of Opal. How mysteriously brilliant they are! How different, curious and colorful! I want to be THIS stone!

A new stone to investigate is..............Moonstone (Beach). I'm trying to find them like every tourist that comes to the central coast! If ever you are in Cambria or near, you must wade in. Many local artisans manipulate these stones into gorgeous jewels. Once in awhile I walk the black beaches hunting a stone of my own, I haven't found one yet:( Its serious fun trying though! Therapeutic in fact. I highly recommend rolling up your pants and filtering through sand and icy water to find a few of your own. The bonus of course being our wonderful display of wildlife at you feet!

Lastly, Ruby. Why? I have no idea, except that I have never had one, I LOVE red, but I dont like lab created, so I wait longer. LOL I have no idea about this stone, which is enough to peak my curiosity anyway right? Its just so luxuriously passionate!
Ya know whats fun? Playing with Cheri's crystals on fabric, ::pretending::
You might be wondering why I am discussing jewels. Seemed right at the time to daydream? It might help me sleep? I have another craving? Choose your own adventure... lol... Have a good week end, go rock hunting!
Btw, whats your favorite rock?

*Every girl needs her shiny stuff. Maybe collecting gems is a good hobby. lol


Vicki W said...

Sapphires and pearls - all day every day!

Smiles! Becca said...

Opals are my favorite with rubys coming in second.Ofcourse I wont ever turn down a shiny diamond!

DearGina said...

Oh wow~ I forgot I have a beautiful Sapphire from my youngin teens! LOL I think I ll go dig it out!

Anonymous said...

My favorite are emeralds. Not the man-made kind birthstone is also a favorite - is peridot...just simply love the color. Don't get me wrong, I love diamonds but I'm not a big jewlery person....


Carla said...

I like shiny things! LOL

No really, those moonstones would have me hunting the beach on a daily basis!

Gretchen said...

Diamonds do it for me, maybe because they are my birthstone. And I love the color of peridot.
Have you watched the show on Travel Channel where the gal goes in search of gems? I love that show!

DearGina said...


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