Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Art Quilt of Hawaii

A Nice art quilt 48x66 depicting my clients son and grand daughters trip to Hawaii. front/back.
A great deal of ditching, outlining and various fills. It turned out well and doesn't overpower the piecers artwork at all. The silhouettes are actual pictures of the kids. Difficult to view quilting as monopoly is on top with sew fine blue (threads) on the back.
On a personal note.... you gotta know this wasnt easy for me:( I changed the channel so many times that I had this quilt pretending to be a lake in Utah watching catfish jump!
(Aint easy being me?)


Vicki W said...

Well you did a great job on it! It's lovely!

Freda said...

I know it couldn't have been Gina. For some reason you were on my mind last night. I hope you are doing all right.

Desert Threads said...

It turned out just great!!

Thomas (& Laura) Hodge said...

Beautiful. Stunning.
With love from Colorado - Heather's sister Laura

Yvonne said...

You did an awesome job in more ways than go girl!

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