Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Without Sarah

I'm thinking positive thoughts, can you tell? No, I didnt think so..... well, trying anyway.

If we are to adopt the theory that we are indeed what we think we are, its no darn wonder why I am such a mess.
Truly, I'm all over the map on this one, and always have been. Its just which way the see saw is bent on any given day I suppose. It must be all of those things my Mother used to say to me... things like... You are what you eat ( to this day I cant eat a baked potato without thinking this), How about this one? "Tell me who your with and I'll tell you what you are". omg it has made me choose my friends wisely eh... Mothers...sheesh... I wonder if my kinds have little sayings from me rattling round in thier brains.

Today, I'm a pondering being a quilter. I have wrapped my day around the shop, tools, fabrics, colleauges, and threads. I would prefer , mind you, to be an auntie G at Sarah Bears birthday party in the valley, but, it didnt work out so well for me. So I shall self sooth in here, and imagine all of the smiles going on without me...grunt. I was so looking forward to seeing familiar faces, hugging the day away, and sharing some birthday cake with my friends:(

I wonder what I'll be tomorrow? A baked potato sure sounds good to me.

Happy Birthday Sarah Bear, Your Auntie G is loving you from over here blasting Hall & Oates "Sarah Smile".


Sarah's Grammy said...

Walt and Gina, We DID miss you. The party was great. I know Heather will share pics with us. It was good talking to you. Hang in there. Both you and Walt need to take good care of yourselves. This, too, will pass. Kisses!

The Sarah Bear said...

I can't lie - I missed you terribly. However, I also know that you would be there if you could. Your love was felt - and we will be sure to see each other soon.

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