Monday, July 21, 2008

Whats YOUR Ringtone?..... and M & M's

When I went to the post office this morning my pocket rang. It usually does. On cue the postmaster and a couple of customers began to head bob and wiggle thier jiggles... I think its so cute. It makes me want to let it ring longer:) Jamie found this ringtone for me a few years ago, and its a permanent fixture on my cellphone.Its a happy memory in that I had to dance & hum for him because I wasnt aware of the name... He being in the cell phone business, knew what I was humming about and told me not to do that dance in public again... I miss his sense of humor....
Anyone having difficulty remembering the new cellphone law? :::GUILTY HERE:::: Im trying? I have dropped my phone to my lap and yelled into my knee when its dawned on me that its against the law and i'm not in compliance... 3 times since July first its happened to me... I think I may start leaving the phone zipped in my bag. I have my blue tooth.. my lil ear bug... somewhere?
Marvelous Mondays before I turn in for the night..............

*new outfits for no reason at all!
*Large Monitor for aging eyes
*Kid visits
*Axel F ringtone that everyone hears and gets their groove on for about a half a minute! lol
*Marvey Marker pens!!
*digital frame to ponder pictures flowing by


Jackie Russell said...

Guess what tune I have in my head now. LOL!

JudyL said...

Be careful with the cell phone . . even when using hands free. I had a wreck today . . some woman on a cell phone pulled right out and hit me.

Desert Threads said...

I have a Blue Ant which is fabulous! It sits on a magnet attatched to my visor.
My ring tone is Honky Tonk Badonky Donk.

Anonymous said...

The quilt looks great....I'm glad you like the new studio.....changes in enviroment can be a good thing.

My ringtone..........Mission Impossible!!!!

Karen L

Anonymous said...

My ringtone, of course, is Hick Chick by Cowboy Troy.
When it rings my kids and I start dancing, the words say "where are the hick chicks?" my kids answer "right here Troy, right here". We almost don't answer just to dance. Oh and DH's ring is "boogie man" by KC & the Sunshine band. Almost don't answer him either just to dance.
Do we need to get out more? Dancing OTHER than at the post office maybe?
love yer guts.

Smiles! Becca said...

I have about ten ringtones.A few of the people that call me have their own. My main ring is the cookie monster song from sesame street.My daughter is PBJ time from family guy.Hubby is She thinks my tractors sexy, A close friend is Cant touch me from family guy, my mom is Your mommas calling back a spoof on bringing sexy back by justin timberlake.I have quite a few more and when one seems to fit a certain person then I just assign it to them.

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